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HostUCan – Web Hosting Made Easy

Everyone is always looking for the best hosting companies out there and the internet is full of opinions created by different people. However, HostUCan is a site that makes web hosting easy. HostUCan brings you hosting reviews, searches, recommendations, comparisons, forums and more. This site is all you need to

wpStyles – The Leading WordPress Theme Guide

There are always someone out there searching for the latest and greatest wordpress theme. WordPress has evolved into a huge platform and everyone has been taking a piece of the pie when it comes to wordpress themes. There are literally thousands of themes out there today that are available for

IconsPedia – Your Source for Free Icons

We are always searching for icons to use in our projects or apps, you end up taking all day to find the perfect icon, but resort to another in the end; was it worth wasting so much time? IconsPedia is the solution, it’s your haven for free icons, ranging from

Cookie Themes: A New Website Marketplace

Web designers are always selling their practice templates or commercial templates that weren’t used. I’m sure everyone knows about Envato’s Marketplaces, but what about some of the new ones that are starting up. Cookie Themes is a new marketplace for web designers to sell their web templates and coded designs.

Design Business Secrets Exposed Ebook Launched

The one thing a lot of people don’t always manage to do when they start a graphic design business is start the right way. I suppose the only reason for that is because people don’t have a guide to help them setup their business as a freelancer, well let’s welcome,

ProgeCAD A Great CAD Software Alternative

Most industries need CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Software. The only problem is that the market’s leading CAD software is unaffordable for most business owners that do not make their living from drawing on CAD alone. If you make your living producing CAD drawings, by all means, spend the money. But