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The Go-To Place For Identifying Any Font

Finding the perfect font can prove to be a toilsome mission. Once I’ve got my mind set on a curiously written word somewhere on the internet, I can’t find rest until I’ve located the elusive font, or at least found a closely related alternative. Sometimes, the search takes forever, and

Clean and easy, fresh and breezy

Every once in a while it so happens that you come across a website that brings both design and functionality to a harmonious unity and stands out from all the rest. This occurrence is rare so I thought I’d share it: presents itself as a very user friendly site

4 Updates to Depositphotos Progress in 2012

Depositphotos is one of the fastest growing microstock photography websites in the world and has a library spanning over 13 Million+ Photos to date. Founded in 2009 with their headquarters located in Florida, Depositphotos serves customers in more than 192 countries and gives them support in 14 different languages. Now

Get Your Holiday Cards Printed Right!

The Holidays are fast approaching, and before too long you’re going to want to send out those warm greetings that you’re known for. Sure, you can get the same generic cards from Mega Mart that everyone else has… or, you could have some awesome Custom Holiday Cards printed with your

OLX India Makes Waves with TV Ad Campaigns

There is nothing better than relaxing on the couch after a hard days work watching your favorite TV programs until a new ad campaign from OLX India pops up. You enjoy every second of the advert as it covers a certain topic in your day to day life as to

Don’t Cut Corners, Get Die Cut Business Cards

Look, when it comes to making a first impression, your business card is key. You can’t afford not to leave your client saying “wow!” This is where custom effects come in. This means embossing and foil stamping, great color, and great design. While those effects are pretty cool, the best