Creative Marketing 101 – Where the Right and Left Brain Meet

When it comes to marketing in the digital realm, there needs to be a perfect blend of technology and creativity. In days gone by it was usually the marketer with the most creative sales copy that won the race. In the hi-tech world of today, most marketing is now conducted on the Internet or through SMS messages via mobile phones and technology is a huge part of those techniques. Successful San Francisco SEO digital marketing professionals, for example, should have a place inside their heads where the right and left brain intersect.

Understanding Left Brain Activity

According to the anatomy of the human brain and what we’ve come to know about it, thanks to years of study and huge advances in technology, each hemisphere of the brain takes on differing responsibilities, biological functions if you will. The left brain is the left hemisphere and is responsible for taking what you hear and processing it, as well as handling most of what goes into speech. The left side of the brain is the side that is responsible for logical thinking and mathematical calculations, so that is the side that would handle the technology inherent in creative digital marketing.

Creating in the Right Hemisphere

The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is responsible for special abilities. A musician is said to be right hemisphere dominant because that is the side where creativity resides. A little bit of math can be handled in the right hemisphere, but very basic levels that are far inferior to what is needed for a sound understanding of technology. In terms of language, the right brain interprets what it hears based on tone and, sometimes, even intuition, which is based on memories it extracts from deeper levels.

A Good Marketer Needs the Perfect Right/Left Connection

What you will find when it comes to marketing is that both sides have a role to play and creativity needs to intersect with logic to produce a strategy that is appealing enough to be effective. Those statistics analyzed on the left side are carried over to the right so that a creative strategy can be developed.

It’s amazing how the two work in tandem to accomplish great feats. Even so, everyone has a dominant side and that is why so many marketing firms delegate some members of the team to the technological side of the firm, while those dominated by right-brain activity comprise the creative element of the team.

In life, you will always find times when one or the other side of your brain needs to step into a position of dominance, and so it is in marketing. The two need to work in conjunction, back and forth, until a suitable strategy is planned and developed. The perfect digital marketing strategy will begin with a technical understanding that measures metrics, calculates a statistical projection, and then turns that information over to the right side so that a creative approach can be developed. There probably isn’t another industry on earth that requires so much interoperability between the right and left hemispheres of the human brain. This is why it really pays for a marketing pro to understand this connectivity. It’s simply amazing.