Creative Marketing Ideas for Risky Industries

If your business is in what’s considered a risky industry; selling regulated products such as vapes or pawn shops, for example, you will find you are limited by federal laws on how you can advertise. This means some mainstream advertising channels may not be open to you. So, you’ll need to get creative.

Build Loyalty

While this might not seem like marketing, it’s going to be the most important thing you do to drive sales and interest in your business. There’s probably a lot of competition in your field. Make sure you are the best. Reward your loyal customers. Show an interest in them and find out what they want from you. A good reputation, and word of mouth marketing is one of the keys to success.

Face to Face advertising

Consider getting out there amongst your potential customers. Use this has an opportunity to find out what they expect from you. What would make them choose you over another business? Most importantly, let them know you exist and what you do. Always be open about what it is you do; people appreciate honesty and will know if you’re anything less than sincere. If you have a brick and mortar store or office space, make it attractive, well-designed and with great signage.

Online Presence

Having a strong online presence will work wonders for you. Be active on social media, not just to advertise, but to communicate. Interact with your followers and make interesting and informative posts that beg to be shared. Don’t just talk about your products, be generally interesting and entertaining. Look to smaller social media sites where there might not be as much competition for people’s attention.


Start a blog and share it on all of the social media sites you are now active on. Don’t just talk about your products. Write interesting articles and interviews that can be advertised in the mainstream. Post quality content, and do it often. Look into SEO, and choose your keywords carefully, as this can drive search engine traffic to your site in huge numbers.


Once you’ve got subscribers and followers, start an email list. Send out clever, well-planned newsletters to grab reader’s attention. This is a great way to inform people of any offers or changes in your business.


Good branding is important. You want to be different, exciting, and informative. Keep it simple. Be consistent. Have the same branding across all of your advertising platforms, social media accounts, websites, newsletters, flyers, packaging, and signage.

Do Your Research

What are your competitors doing? You either need to do it better or different. Look at their stores and websites. What do their shops look like? Make yours more welcoming. What keywords are they using? Are they working? If you need help creating an amazing advertising campaign, have a look at this website for some ideas.

Just because you’re a risky business, you can still drive traffic and sales to your business through advertising, you just might need to think outside the box. Use that to your advantage.