Creativeoverflow 3.0 – Redesigned for a Better Experience

Creativeoverflow was initially launched in September 2009 where we started off with the Convergence Theme by Maximus. However we quickly outgrew that and launched our own custom WP theme. Now its more than a year and a half later and we are currently on Version 3.0 of Creativeoverflow. We designed this new layout with a few things in mind which was mainly: Speed, Readability, Experience and easier navigation. Hopefully we have achieved this with the new layout. Let’s run through the setup.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is something the old theme lacked. With this easy to use navigation bar, you are easily able to access pages, categories and more. The subscribers are listed on the right hand side too. This makes it easier for everyone to see how many people follow Creativeoverflow.

New Header

As you might have noticed in the old layout, we had a huge header area with a background that overflowed our actual layout. Sure this was a nice effect, but we wanted to constrain the craziness somehow and decided to push that effect into a solid header area where you can get the feel of the illustrations and objects.

Thumbnail in Posts

We didn’t display any thumbnail of the actual post within the single post in the old theme. The space was overthrown with ads. However we have brought back the thumbnail to show the readers exactly what they are reading and what the thumbnail looks like of the post. We decided to give all the images in posts some padding with a subtle border for identification. This basically neatens up the images posted within an article.

Subtle Sharing Buttons

In our previous versions of Creativeoverflow, we bombarded the users with sharing buttons. These were ranging from Twitter to Reddit and more. We cut back on the effect and installed only Twitter and Facebook buttons to share the article. A lot of people will disagree with our decisions, however we want to give the site a nice clean, easy to read feeling.


With our old theme, our comment section was horrifying. The text wasn’t really readable and everything was mixed and matched together. We decided to break it down to a simple form and rebuild it. The outcome was really simple too. We only allow the threaded comments 3 levels deep and everything flows together well.

404 Page

We decided to come up with a new 404 page. Some of you may like it and some of you may hate it. However, its there to help you stay out of trouble.

Ads Free

The site at the moment is ads free. There is no Google Adsense or Banner ads on the site. We are still looking into how we are going to monetize the site. We might join a Ad network like Carbon or Adpacks or Yoggrt etc. We haven’t totally decided yet. Whatever we decide though will be beneficial to the viewing nature of the site.

Themes of the Week

Weekly we will be choosing new themes from Themeforest that we like and host it in the sidebar as theme of the week. They will be updated weekly so be sure to check them out regularly.

Contribute a Article

We are always on the look out for guest authors. Whilst we aren’t currently paying our authors, we guarantee exposure. If you are interested in contributing please visit the contribute page.

Are you Subscribed or Following us?

Have you subscribed to our RSS FEED yet? Are you following us on twitter – @Creativeofblog. If not, we recommend you do. We are lining up some great content, which includes tutorials, resources, inspiration, articles and giveaways. You don’t want to miss out.

Do you like the new look?

Now we want to hear what your thoughts are on the new look. Do you prefer the old one? Are you enjoying the cleanliness of the site and the speed? We sure love the new look, however everyone has their own opinion, so let’s hear it.

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest