Dare to Fight for Your Dreams

Two best friends, one goal, one opportunity.

Two best friends for years having one crazy dream. Some people say it‘s insane, some say it‘s awesome. We have one goal – meet the world and we want show all the people like you that you can do everything you want!

Idea born one afternoon in Vilnius, Lithuania, when we realized that we want something different, something what would give our the second breathing for our bodies. And now we are proud to present you the Dare With Us project. Project which gives us opportunity to meet the world and help people to believe in their dreams and encourage them to reach what they’re dreaming about.

Working on storyboard for the video

We started to work on our project the same moment it born. We’ve been working really hard for the first week and lots of tasks were done but when it came to the filming phase all the things got complicated. Even though we have learned a lot of new things, we’ve faced some serious problems we had to solve, we’ve met numerous of nice and supportive people who were helping us in all aspects and most important we were having fun and reaching our dream to travel around the world. We are so excited to finally announce that this project is live and you can join and support us.

Behind the scenes

When no one is believing in you or even laughs do not stop believing. You want to quit your job? Do it. You want to become a designer? Do it. Do what you really want to do.

We are two ordinary guys from small country and we believe in ourselves. No matter what. We do not have to wait for years to start doing what we like. Dare with us to do it now, not tomorrow, not another day.

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About the Author: Tomas is a blogger and designer from Lithuania. Currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work on Portfolio (http://tomaslau.com) or connect on Twitter.

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