Depositphotos – Your One Stop for Royalty-Free Stock Photos

You have been scouring the internet for hours looking for that one perfect photo that will catapult your latest creation into art history…However, the mere thought of paying hundreds of dollars for a package deal to obtain one image, haunts you. Why couldn’t there just be a site that gives you the option to purchase only one image or have a 7 day free trial period where you could test the stock photos?

Oh, but wait…there actually is. Introducing Depositphotos the only stock photo site you will need to cater for all your stock image needs. They have a wide variety of stock ranging from Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Illustrations and Vector art. If you are looking for a site to supply you with all the stock images you need, Depositphotos is definitely a top notch choice.

The thing that makes Depositphotos so great isn’t just the fact that it provides high quality content, but the fact that they actually make an effort to connect with their customers. I think it’s time to have a closer look at Depositphotos and what they have to offer…

7-Day Free Trial Subscription; 5 Images a Day Free

Yes, that is correct. Why not try before you buy? In this case you actually can. Depositphotos offers you a 7-day free trial subscription with 5 free stock photos a day for 7 days. Isn’t that a great deal or what? You are able to see if Depositphotos is a great fit for you and the greatest thing about this deal is that it is absolutely FREE.

A Great Vector Repository 348,293 Vectors and Counting…

Now if you are looking for any sort of vector illustration, I’m 100% sure that you will find it in between the hundreds of thousands of vectors that are listed on Depositphotos. They have grown their library of vector images to a massive extent that reaches above the average persons threshold. In order for you to browse through all of these vectors you need a few days at minimum…well that is if you actually want to look at all of them.

Advanced Search is really efficient

If you are looking for something specific and want to filter out all those unwanted images, this feature will grow on you like a mouse does to cheese. Depositphotos advanced search feature gives you the option to search via category or photographers name. You are also able to distinguish keywords that you want excluded in the search. Those are just three features mentioned, but I can assure you there are quite a few other options too. Search by: image type, image orientation, image size, amount of search results, search by color, safe search or extended licenses. As you can see they keep you in their thoughts when giving you the option to find different images.

Affiliate Program for Website Owners

If you are looking to earn some extra money on the side through your website that you have. Depositphotos has an affiliate program for you. They give you two straight options where they pay you to have a banner on your site and obviously they are open for any other suggestions and partnership offers as well. It’s always nice making a little side income through help others promote their work or business.


I have only mentioned a few features that Depositphotos has to offer. I would recommend you checking out the rest of their site by yourself and potentially signing-up with them for an account as well. You will really see how great they are once you have a quick flick through their gallery hosting more than 4 million stock photos and illustrations. I can guarantee that you won’t go wrong with Depositphotos.

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