Depthcore Releases New Chapter: Freestyle IV

post-preview Depthcore is a showcase collective founded by Justin Maller in 2002. Depthcore showcases some of the finest and most talented designers in the world.They do not only fill you with inspiration and Ideas, they make things that seem impossible come true.Depthcore has inspired me ever since I picked up Photoshop and started designing. They have released numerous chapters over the last few years and has had a huge success with showcase.

Depthcore has recently redesigned their site as well, so that means not only will you get the fulfillment of viewing a fresh chapter you will be viewing a freshly designed site as well. Let’s not hang around with the details to much and get you set on what you want to see. I have a screen shot of their newly designed site below with some artwork from some of the guys that took part in this chapter. Check it out.


Depthcore XXXVII – Freestyle IV


Today, the Depthcore Collective is pleased to release our 38th exhibition, our fourth freestyle body of work creatively entitled ‘Freestyle IV’.

As more and more of our members continue to embark on creative careers, having a relaxed, unguided outlet for creativity becomes more and more important. This Chapter is comprised of the personal experimental output of our increasingly professional roster; the results are arresting in both their technical execution and the sheer amount of imagination used in their conceptualization. As so often happens during the creation of our Chapters, the artists continue to push each other harder and harder as times progresses during the creative process, with the end outcome being something we are all quite proud of.

It is also our collective pleasure (pardon the pun) to feature long time member and superlative artistic force David Mascha as our featured artist for this chapter. His beautifully unique work has been a staple of our releases for many years now, and his contributions to this collection were simply too brilliant to be ignored. Be sure to read his entertaining interview whilst browsing the chapter.

A few exciting projects are in the works; updates will be posted shortly, so we hope you enjoy this chapter and the site redesign whilst waiting!

Justin Maller
Creative Director
The Depthcore Collective

Fresh Site:



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