Empower Your Employees in 5 Easy Steps

All great leaders know the importance of having empowered employees on their team. Staff members who are allowed to show initiative tend to grow into higher performing colleagues who cope far better with the rigors of modern day business.

Creating an environment of empowerment is vital if you want your staff to thrive in the workplace, but how exactly do you foster such a setting? Well, there are one or two things that you can implement around the office to get things started. Let’s take it step by step:

1) Always be available

As the leader, it is vitally important that your door is always open to all members of staff. Without direct access to you, your employees may feel as though any concerns they have are not getting to the top. The fact that you are head of the company shouldn’t automatically mean that other people’s opinions do not matter. Hear them out and take on board any salient points raised.

2) Encourage personal growth

Get a group of business leaders in a room together and one gripe you will definitely hear is that their employees seem reluctant to grow within their roles. However, when questioned about what they are doing to encourage such growth, many are left floundering for an answer. The truth of the matter is that you need to make it easy and exciting for them to pursue their own personal development. Hold team-building days, create training events and reward those who really step up to the plate. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the attitudes of others will change if the environment changes around them.

3) Allow employees to fail

More so than ever, people are worried about their jobs. There is no such thing as a job for life any more and with bills and mortgages to pay, many employees will be unlikely to take any risks at work that could jeopardise their futures. However, there’s risk and there’s risk. Fostering an attitude where it’s OK to fail productively is healthy, and many of the greatest business ideas are born out of initial failure.

4) Give them control over personal data

Allowing your employees access to their personal data held on file can help to garner trust and encourage personal development. Employee self service software gives members of staff the ability to manage their holidays by booking their own leave with inbuilt verification, keep track of their skills and qualifications, review and request new training activities, and a whole host of other empowering undertakings. This will not only make them feel trusted, it will also save your company time and money too.

5) Show appreciation

Too often employees feel as though they are only approached when something has gone wrong. They toil away, day after day, churning out high quality work without a hint of praise, and then when the slightest things goes awry they are pounced upon. This leads to disgruntled staff, but it is easy to fix. Simply by saying thank you (and meaning it) you can change your workers’ attitudes, but don’t stop there. Find other ways to make them feel appreciated too; you’ll see a dramatic increase in engagement and productivity if you do.

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