Flyers Do Still Work for Business Promotion + 20 Examples

Everything is going digital nowadays and everyone is trying to get rid of paper trails and filing cabinets. The thing is though that word of mouth is still the best form of promotion for any business. It’s true. Where do you hear about new restaurants? From your friends or colleagues I assume?

Now why would I say that flyers still work for promoting businesses if I just mentioned word of mouth?

It’s simple really. Word of mouth and visual affirmation go hand in hand. The brain helps you remember something you heard by making a visual connection. So, if you heard there was a new coffee shop in town and you walked into a store where flyers were visible on the shelf, the memory would quickly recall itself. Sure they could see it online as well, but actually getting to the information is the problem.

The web is very big and diverse and whoever has the most traffic and credibility gets the spotlight. So why do i think flyers work for business promotion? Let’s see.

A flyer is a handheld, visible product
You can touch it, you can tear it, fold it or wear it(If you stick a ton of them together), it’s up to you.

Word of mouth is still leading, but flyers support it
You hear it, you sing it, you dream it. That’s the way it works.

Eye catching designs impress
Quality design doesn’t go unnoticed by people. They are attracted to good quality products.

Flyers aren’t a very expensive advertising model
Getting thousands of them printed isn’t very expensive. Just make sure you get them done right.

Flyers are flexible
They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, being unique and different is the norm.

Now these points listed aren’t very diverse, but merely an encouragement for you to make use of flyers. They do still work you know.

I have gone ahead and rounded up some flyers as examples for you to look at. These flyers are designed for eye catching, high quality use and definitely get the job done when it comes to advertising.

If you are looking to get some flyers printed, make sure to stop by for some great pricing and quality service. Thank you for reading this short article and checking out the examples.

Have a good day.

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