Getting Creative with Cryptocurrency: Where to Spend Your Bitcoins

Creativity can often be found in the most unusual places and that’s certainly the case with the new wave of cryptocurrencies. Take, as an example, the process by which you spend Bitcoins: payments are made via invisible, heavily encrypted data known as the Blockchain and it’s not a procedure to get too excited about.

However, as more outlets begin to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole, the innovation comes in the art of spending. Here, then, are some of the more unusual places where you can use your Bitcoins.

Wining and Dining

One of our favorite recreational pastimes is eating out so it’s no surprise to see that a number of outlets across the globe are now taking Bitcoin in return for our favorite styles of food. Among the restaurants that accept this form of currency is Downtown Johnny Brown’s in San Diego or the Saw Mill Café in Stratford, East London, but they are just two from many hundreds.

After an evening out, you could finish with a couple of pints at a selection of bars and pubs including the Haymakers in Cambridge, UK or the Old Fitzroy in Sydney, Australia. As an alternative, if you don’t feel like heading out, you can exchange Bitcoins for a delivery via, which gives you access to a wide range of cuisines from all over the world.

Fancy a Flutter?

An increasing number of online sportsbooks and casinos are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, alongside their more traditional methods. The list of operators is growing all the time and Bitcoin-based sites such as are among those who provide a wide list of sporting markets.

Whether you’re a serious punter or just someone who likes an occasional wager, the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as a way of depositing to, or withdrawing, from your sportsbook account opens up a great deal of opportunities.

Take Yourself Away

Need a break from it all? Certain travel companies have also realized the potential of Bitcoin and you can now book a flight, or even a whole package holiday via this particular cryptocurrency. Private charter company were one of the first to embrace this new method of payment so, if you have the kind of budget that extends to chartering your own plane, they will have it covered.

Alternatively, there are much cheaper package deals around the web that can take care of flights, accommodation and more and these can cater for all pockets.

Or, maybe your travel plans are even more ambitious, in which case you could consider Virgin Atlantic. We know that Sir Richard Branson has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity for many years so perhaps it’s no surprise that his the space travel arm of the Virgin Group has evolved to accept Bitcoins.

Other businesses where you can spend your Bitcoins include florists, taxi companies, coffee shops, clothing retailers, sports and theater ticket agents and much more. In terms of global currency, Bitcoin is still in its relative infancy but the list of outlets who accept it is getting bigger all the time. Soon, Bitcoin spending will be limited only by your imagination.