Getting The House Ready For The Holidays

The fall is upon the calendar and the holidays are nearly here. From the home decorators perspective, Halloween is nearly here followed by Thanksgiving in November, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner. It’s a time where most homes transcend into holiday spirit before hosting a gathering after gathering with friends and family. The fall can also be a busy time for remodelling and DIY projects as school is back in session and the holiday’s fast approach. Many homeowners put off housework and preparation all year until the fall hits and its time to finish the basement for your cousins to stay in during Christmas. Finding inspiration isn’t hard after all, you can search online for kitchen remodel ideas, check out different home and living blogs for ways to transform your living space into more functional rooms, or see the annual issues of craft magazines for all the holiday decoration trends. Here are some ideas for each holiday as you enter the crazy season at home! 


Halloween seems to be a real feast of famine situation when it comes to enthusiasm and decoration. Some homes turn into borderline theme parks with bones, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts where many just light a candle or maybe change nothing at all. If you get a little creative you can join the ranks of the Halloween diehards without much work. If you are going for terrifying, a simple way to show your guts is to take old clothes, rags, and bedding to a pair of scissors and get them all tattered and dirty. Next, you can add some red dye or food coloring all over them in a splatter to give the scary sense of Freddy or Jason running through the neighborhood. Spreading out some of these ragged clothes on Halloween night will surely bring an element of gore to your yard. 

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In early November Thanksgiving is on everybody’s mind, one of the most popular holidays in America and a source of great inspiration. One of the hallmarks of Thanksgiving is the colors of red, yellow, and orange. When the weather is turning towards winter and all the leaves are changing colors outside you only see these colors so this year invite them into your home. Shopping for anything these colors is a great way to bring the season into your home. Just finding online shops with sales and deals on shipping can have new decor at your home weeks before the holiday without forcing you to leave home at all. Finding towels, blankets, and even cheap comforters can be super easy and affordable. Embrace the color because a few weeks after you will look out the window and see nothing but snow! 

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The 25th of December is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world and traditionally the one which gets the largest decorating budget in time and money. A Christmas decor hallmark is the tree, which can be covered in ornaments and lights any way you see fit. A newer trend has actually become planting a tree outside your home, decorating with the family, and letting it live long beyond that one Christmas season. It is a way to celebrate the holiday without cutting down a fresh tree to do so and year after year your family will have that tree as a memory of a past Christmas. 

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New Year’s Eve

The turning over of the calendar is best celebrated by opulence and luxury. If you happen to find yourself throwing a New Year’s Eve party, this is the time to go big! If you are a woman get a sparkly dress and a man can match in a white tuxedo. As for the decorator, think Great Gatsby! Getting your home dressed up in glitz and glamour is the perfect setting for New Year’s Eve. Champagne and loud music are sure to bring a crowd to your home for fun long after the ball drops. 

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