How Online Sectors Can Use Promotions To Profit

If you own and operate an online company, chances are you’ve found the competition levels rising ever higher as ever more businesses make the jump from analogue and high street to the web-based business realm. Now whilst this competition could spell the beginning of hard times, one way of making a business more profitable is through the use of deals, promotions and offers, but in what ways have giveaways been used by different online sectors?


Online retail is perhaps the longest established online industry, and the one most easily poised to deliver deals in order to boost customer numbers and sales. From eBay to smaller indie fashion websites, offering free delivery on sales over a certain amount, running clearance sales or even a long-running clearance section within the site, or offering money off discount codes for email subscribers or new customers are all popular and positive ways in which to chase those extra revenues.


Websites such as Springbok Casino and others are immensely popular these days, offering their customers the chance to play all of the games you’d usually find on the Las Vegas Strip from the comfort of their own smartphones and tablets. Of course, with so many providers out there, sites such as these are increasingly turning to promotions to win over players; free spins on video slot games, free entry in to tournaments or even free cash to play with are all popular deals across the industry.


With stiff competition currently occurring in the video gaming world thanks to players having to choose between an increasingly large population of devices, consoles and developers, many retailers who provide games are turning to money-off deals. Valve’s Steam service is a perfect example of these sorts of deals, running a summer sale every year that only bolsters the continual, week-by-week percentage-off offers that run via the company’s website and client program.


Whilst you wouldn’t usually think of painters, bricklayers, gardeners and plumbers being online businesses, all of these tradespeople and more are making the hop to the web. Given the nascent nature of this change in business, many trades use social networking to drum up customer numbers, sharing money-off coupons on sites such as Facebook that customers can quote when contacting. Those that have websites of their own might advertise deals via their company blogs, or even mail out promotions to ex-customers and subscribers.

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