How To Build A Solid Online Presence For Your Business

Building a successful business takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Whether you are promoting your personal brand, launching a consulting firm, or building an online or storefront business, you have to establish a solid online presence to solidify your marketing strategy.

The web is where 97% of consumers go to search for local merchants according to Google, so you need to make sure that you establish a viable presence on the internet that will introduce your business, reinforce your brand, and tell potential customers why they should choose your product or service over your competition. Here are some things that you should consider as you look for ways to build your online presence.

Be Social

Modern day businesses can’t survive without social media playing a substantial role in their marketing strategies. Twitter and Facebook can be easily integrated into the marketing plans of any business, no matter what the industry. Both vehicles can be used to post or stream live videos, post photos, tips, news and generate conversations with established customers and those within your target market. Photo-sharing networks like Instagram are key if your business involves selling items like jewelry, clothing, or even floral arrangements.

Have a Well-Designed Website

A website is pivotal if you want to make online sales and attract more customers. But having a basic template and design to your site will not do your business justice. If you really want to stand out in your market, you’re going to need a professionally developed site that appeals to the masses and brings in conversions. If you’re uncertain of how best to do this, consult with a web design company to help ease your mind and take care of things for you. Find a creative Web design Hampshire agency that will undertake this work for you.

Choose Engaging Content

Take a little time to think about the type of content that you can post that will engage and compel potential customers to share your content and comment on your posts. Engaging content is paramount when it comes to brand promotion. Make sure to choose copy that readers want to talk about after they have read your article.

Build a Solid Blog

When building your blog, you should pay careful attention to how you choose to design and format it. A well-formatted blog is what is going to draw readers in. Your content may be wonderful, but if your formatting is less than stellar, the people that have landed on your blog are not going to stay there. Every facet of formatting is important, so you have to be thoughtful and deliberate about what you offset, the items that you choose to bold and where your paragraphs break.

You have a very small window of time to capture a reader’s attention on the web, so you have to be both innovative and creative if you want them to continue to read your content. You must understand that you have to convince your readers that they are going to get all of the information that they want from your page.

Here are some things that are in the top tier of what gets attention from people surfing the internet:

  • Subheadings
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Bolded Words
  • Numbers and symbols
  • Random period placement
  • Items in parenthesis

Identify Your Audience

You should also know who your audience is and what you need to share with them. You have to remember when you are thinking about content for your blog that you are not writing for everyone on the web. Understand who your target audience is and create content for that audience. Those are the people who need your product or service, your outlook, and expertise.

Featured Image by Andrew Neel