How to Enrich Your Brand Using a Smart Photo Editor

People who work online, know and appreciate the importance of good visual content. Good visual content is not always easy to come by, and locating superb visual content is even harder – unless you create it yourself.

Creating attractive and engaging visual content necessitates adhering to several fundamental rules:

Images must display a sense of coherency. Images that to not relate to one another can create a sense of confusion. Coherency is also important with respect to image quality. A poorly prepared image can stick out like a sore thumb, and detract from its more professional-appearing companions.
The images must be authentic. They must in tune with your brand, your message, and the textual content they are designed to support. One of the best approaches is to take the photos yourself and process them using a versatile photo editor like Luminar, to achieve professional, eye-catching results.
The images must be relevant. An image can do more than merely attract attention. It can point viewers in the direction you want them to take. To do so, it needs to closely relate to what you are trying to promote – whether it is a product, a service, or an idea.

Image Editors Can Give Your Brand a Boost

The typical Internet user’s attention span is not noted for its longevity. This is why the smart way to capture user attention is through visual content. It is also why the smart use of a Mac photo editor can play such a key role in giving your personal brand, or that of your company’s, a significant boost. Run-of-the-mill images could serve you well if they were the only images on the net; but they are not, and even if they were, they would do little to enhance your brand.

Online professionals often face a situation in which an image editor capable of producing intricate effects is difficult to work with. There is, however, an image editor that’s remarkably easy to use, despite its internal complexity. Check out this Luminar vs. Lightroom comparative analysis, and see for yourself.

Three ways to make your online brand stand out:

  1. Select images that compliment you – This may require some reverse engineering. You need to identify ways that will help establish a positive relationship between the brand and online users. A good way to do this is to select image-editing filters that, when put to use, will draw extra attention to your visual content. It’s not only the image but what you do with it, that can make a difference.
  2. Here’s an example of how you can apply presets to increase the dramatic effect of an image.

  3. Apply different filtering techniques to different sections of your site. – You don’t always have to treat visual content uniformly throughout a blog; especially when different sections address different themes or are characterized by different moods. Matching images to a text’s mood or theme, suggests you’ve done your homework.
  4. There’s no need to keep your creativity on a short leash. – Creativity can admittedly be dangerous if you’re an amateur photographer who’s trying to be “clever”. On the other hand, when you have an easy to use, yet powerful photo editor for Mac, like Luminar, at your fingertips, you can often let your creativity run wild. A little quirkiness here and there can sometimes do wonders for your brand.

The World’s First Photo-Editing App that Adjusts to Your Style and Skill Level

Complex software is often needed to perform complex tasks, and Luminar is no exception. This Mac image editor, with its more than 300 editing features is necessarily complex, but its user interface tells a different story. It’s unbelievable easy to work with; especially with respect to what it enables you to accomplish.

Color Splash

Creating a splash of color within a B&W photo can an effect that may be subtle, or stunning but the eye will always take notice. Doing so is not difficult. Simply upload a color image, transform it into B&W, and use Luminar’s color splash tool to brush color back in.

Use Luminar’s color splash feature to create amazing results.

Resizing and Enhancing an Image
Although a photo can be resized during a cropping process, a tool featuring several modes by which you can resize an image is also available.

When you’ve finished editing, simply click on “Save”. This is true for the other photo-editing features as well, including Luminar’s many tools for enhancing an image.

Luminar’s photo effects allow you to make photos more dramatic, give them a dark, mysterious look, perform color balancing, or create a riot of color. You can increase clarity, vary image contrast, or adjust color temperature, and more. Luminar’s batch processing feature can be a time saver for a busy designer.

With its more than 300 image-editing tools to work, you’ll find it’s worth taking the time to try Luminar by yourself.