How to Get Paid when You’re After Stock Images

Scourging the web for creative assets to use in your projects again? You’re in for a lengthy search. Usually, the quest is not completed until you’re sure that you’ve found the perfect image for the best price available. But now, there’s a much faster way to acquire beautiful images from some of the most renowned microstock agencies, and you also get Cash Back while you’re at it.

Lootback is a smart tool for designers and publishers. This service behaves like a middle ground between the client and some much respected stock photo agencies on today’s market. Therefore, a special commission is issued by those agencies each time more business is sent towards them. Lootback accepts that sum, and then shares it with the client who made it all happen.


The partner agencies have been well chosen: Deposit Photos, iStock, Thinkstock, Shutterstock, and Envato’s own Themeforest, Videohive, and Graphicriver. If you think about it, having the gorgeous items from all these wonderful sources presented in a single place whenever you’re looking for a specific image – it makes everything much simpler.

It could go as follows. Let’s assume you enter the keyword “winter” in Lootback’s search box, and then wait for the results to appear. Check and uncheck the boxes on the left to refine your search: maybe you only want to find certain file types, or wish to omit certain agencies in the process.


Then, have a look at the summoned items, and choose one to buy. As you select that file, Lootback will ask you to sign up, so give it a few seconds to enter your information. Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to the agency where that beautiful image is stored, and you should go about acquiring it in the usual way. If you don’t have an account with that agency, create it, and – this is important – only pay with credits.

In no more than 12 hours, if you log in to your Lootback dashboard, you’ll find that your transaction has been recorded and Cash Back has been sent in the earnings category. The more images you buy like this, the bigger your earnings get. In 7 to 90 days, once the contracted stock agencies finish dealing with your file, you’re free to cash everything out with your Paypal.

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Wasn’t that piece of cake? If you just keep going this route every time you’re in need of cool images, you can make a lot of money. Lootback gives cash back to you, every time.

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