How to Improve Your Online Casino Customer Experience

The days of keeping your mouth shut, nodding politely and never complaining are well and truly, and thankfully, behind us. In recent decades Brits have become more assertive and are not afraid to complain. They also expect a much greater emphasis on customer service and user experience. Online casinos are no exception to this, yet it is something often ignored by the industry at large.

User Experience vs Online Content

A recent article in Forbes Magazineon written by a member of their technology council expressed shock at the lack of, ostensibly, great businesses lacking a UX strategy. It’s not difficult to see how relevant this strategy is to the online casino industry.

Businesses often find that customer retention is low. Many argue that the answer to solving the problem is the customer experience. Or as it’s known in the business world, UX. Research has shown that casino managers tend to focus on luring people in and forget to focus on how to keep them once they have them on the platform. A business can only make money once the cost per lead is outstripped by the money spent by the consumer.

When you’re designing your online casino or looking to revamp a current offering, it’s useful to contemplate and draw from their real-life counterparts. Casinos don’t just offer good games, they have sumptuous recreational areas, people to assist with financial transactions and luxury food and drink facilities. Naturally, not all of these facets are transferable to the online world. However, in the same manner, that a casino owner would consider decor an online casino should think about smooth navigation and comfortable color tones which encourage users to spend more time on the website. The quality of games being offered is becoming increasingly extensive – a cursory glance at the popular online casino like Casino Euro aptly demonstrates this. Not only that, more and more casinos offer endless promotions to new and existing customers

Writer Hank McKinsey has highlighted several features which website developers and designers should consider when they’re making a casino site to generate the ideal UX. These include making the website mobile responsive, nobody wants to wait 10 seconds for a web page to load, and always attempting to achieve a minimalist appeal while ensuring that you’ve included all necessary information and navigation functions. UX has become much more important as online casinos gain traction not only with the traditional online gambler but also those who are opting for the straightforward experience.

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Be the Best on the Market

There are multiple resources which should assist your straightforward ideal user experience. Some features are fairly simple and straightforward, bigger icons increase engagement, others are more nuanced – keeping the navigation to content ratio no greater than 20% to 80%.

A key issue in retaining a customer, and why the experience is so important, is the vast number of alternatives which are available on the market. You might have fantastic games and seductive deals but so do many other companies – to stand out and keep customers coming back you need to capture their imagination and think about the consumer journey from beginning to end. If the UX isn’t suitable to the customer, or they find it frustrating, they will migrate to another outlet where they can play the same game and have a superior customer journey.

Mobile technologies are playing a significant role in generating premium UX. Many cite Uber as the ultimate user-friendly, customer-orientated experience. Not only is the product what the public want but they can access it in a few simple clicks. Features like an automatic log in functions, connecting your Pay Pal to your casino account and algorithms which understand the customer and only show them things of interest are all examples of where technology could play a role in advancing the mobile casino experience.

Making the industry mobile-friendly is in itself is a huge leap forward. Significant amounts of money are generated by users playing ‘on the go’ Mobile access is now incredibly important to most people. Falling behind in this area is simply not an option for those looking to peruse a viable business model in today’s digital age.

Small but Simple Steps

While ensuring that your website is optimized for UX can be a time consuming and costly process there are some quick and easy steps you can take instantly to improve without blowing your business budget. Consider switching your web host to improve speed, remove unnecessary visual noise from your pages and make sure your site is mobile responsive.

With a recent research from the National Business Research Institute showing that UX is a lucrative way to grow your casino business, developing your customer experience should be a priority for all and not just considered an additional luxury feature.

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