How to improve your website in five easy steps

In the digital era, a bad website is unforgivable. How you appear in the digital marketplace has a huge affect on your reputation, so if you think that your online presence could be lacking then read on.

There are five areas in particular that need attention, so if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to a better website and a better conversion rate on your analytics data.

1. Keep your content fresh

Whether online or offline, content is king. Consumers research companies online before deciding who they will spend their money with, so imagine what they think when they visit an outdated website?

They will instantly assume that you’re out of touch with the consumer. It’s important to look regularly at your content to consider what you can update, what new products you can add and how you can reach out to the consumer.

2. Re-think your design

The design of your website is more than just changing colours and fonts. Customers are used to flashy websites and graphics, so think about how you can use your online space to maximise on marketing potential.

To enhance the consumer experience, address the customer directly in your marketing, personalise the experience and the navigation process. Use functions like smart search to make the usability of your website as smooth as possible.

3. Join the mobile movement

In today’s always-online world, consumers expect to be able to move swiftly and seamlessly from gadget to gadget. You need to consider how your website works in the mobile world; can users navigate your website just as easily on a tablet as they do on a computer?

Can all of the graphics load, or will they cost the customer valuable data on their smartphone? What is your page load time? These are all vital considerations if you want to improve your website for the new generation, and you can read more on this here.

4. Develop your SEO strategy

After all of these elements are in place, you must build a tailored SEO strategy. This basically involves improving your place within search engine ranking, and while great content and accurate meta descriptions are key factors for this, there are areas that require a greater level of expertise.

SEO is an ever-changing and increasingly complex field. If you go with a company like Moxie SEO for example, they’ll be able to change your website from just a static piece of marketing into something that visibly generates revenue.

5. Get involved with social media

The final element to your website should be an extensive social media campaign. Social media is so deeply embedded within modern society that a business cannot succeed without it. The key here, however, is to find out exactly which platforms your customers are on, as well as those your competitors are on. Look at how they converse with the consumer, and try to think how you can go beyond that.

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