How to Increase Your Business Fundraising Efforts This Christmas

Businesses can get involved with fund-raising efforts in a number of different ways. There is no right or wrong approach to raising funds for a good cause.

Here are a few of our suggestions for how to raise funds.

1. Hold a Casual Dress Day at Work

Will office staff prefer to be able to dress casually on an agreed upon date in exchange for a donation to the fundraising effort? You may discover that employees would be only too happy to sit in the office wearing more comfortable attire for the day for a modest fee.

2. Sell Through Amazon, Donate The Commissions

Businesses quite often use a blog to communicate with their customers. They also use email communication to keep in touch and update them with news and product releases. Companies can use either of these methods to promote related products that sell on and pay a commission.

When promoting products on Amazon there is usually a tiered commission rate that can be earned for each referred sale within a given period of time. Other third party products that were bought at the same time as the referred product will also receive a commission too.

Commission revenue from Amazon can begin as a trickle, but build up as more customers are made aware that referral commissions are part of the fundraising efforts of the company. This is one tip that can continue to raise funds for good causes throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.

3. Print-on-demand Fundraising Cards

Instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards, Thank You cards, and other printed messages to customers, why not use IQ Cards? These can be used by any business that wants to help raise money for their local schools.

4. Cash Wash Service

Why not get the staff together one Saturday to offer a car wash service to anyone who wants one? Charge a reasonable fee for the car wash as part of the fund-raising efforts. Customers can be notified through the usual communication channels about the car wash event which gives their staff a chance to meet face-to-face in a more casual setting.

5. Fundraising Raffle at Work

Consider having a fundraising raffle where only half the sales of tickets go back into raffle prizes and the other half of the proceeds go towards the fund-raising goals? Staff are much more likely to participate when they know that half the proceeds go to the right cause.

6. Seek Donated Services

See if other companies will offer donated services where they provide the service for free on the understanding that the usual cost of their service goes to fundraising causes. This can have a feel-good factor for both companies concerned and also foster positive ongoing business relationships at the same time.

7. Hold a Staff Sports Day

Would your staff enjoy a chance to play a friendly game against either their own work colleagues or a local competitor? Take donations for each player who wishes to join in with the staff sports day.
Christmas time is a great opportunity to raise funds for worthy causes. People are feeling more generous and open to making donations than at other times of the year. What ideas can you come up with to increase your business fundraising this holiday season?

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