How Will Digital Marketing Evolve in 2018?

It is hard to ignore the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the target audience in today’s digital marketing landscape. It is an issue that everyone is facing. The reason behind this increase in challenges is simple; there are more businesses trying to win the attention of the audience, so you have to be willing to do more to stand out from the crowd.

For you and your business to stay ahead of the market, spotting new trends and integrating new strategies and marketing instruments are important, especially as we get closer to 2018. How will digital marketing evolve in 2018? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

Emotional Marketing

One of the biggest shifts that will be even more prominent in 2018 is the move towards emotional marketing. The most successful digital marketing campaigns in recent months are campaigns that won the heart of the audience, not those that target the audience’s reason and logic. This trend is shaping up to be very exciting too.

Campaigns that focus on compelling stories and emotions generate higher user engagement; emotional engagement on a deeper level. The audience are far more involved and marketers – and businesses – can take advantage of that involvement by delivering a series of messages packaged in a captivating story.

Digital marketing is no longer about transactions and bottom lines. It is more about interactions and building a stronger relationship with the audience. The business impacts of such campaigns will come later and the campaign will continue to produce results long after the relationship is established.

It’s a Content-Centric World

Good quality content will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape in 2018. This is a rather unsurprising trend for two reasons. For starters, the audience is no longer attracted to short messages and cold calls to action. They are more interested in stories, delivered through articles, videos, and other visual elements.

The delivery of the content matters too. Short-form videos, dubbed snackables (meaning the video can be consumed in less than 60 seconds), will be very popular next year. On the other hand, articles are getting longer and are delivered in a more immersive way, with interactive elements and full-page visuals boosting their impacts.

“Content and social media marketing will be the highlights of 2018,” according to George Lee, CEO of Snap Agency, a leading creative agency with award-winning campaigns in its portfolio. “Crafting content that works for the medium is the way forward.”

Time to Personalize

That last remark by Lee about crafting content that suits the medium sums up the last trend to anticipate perfectly. Gone are the days of producing one content for all channels. It is much more important to tailor the content of your digital marketing campaigns to the delivery channels you want to use.

Producing vertical videos that work for Instagram Stories is far more effective than using a cropped 16:9 videos for the sake of convenience. The audience will pick up on the personalized content too; in fact, they will see badly produced or fitted content as signs of laziness in developing a relationship with them.

Prepare your business for these digital marketing trends of 2018, and you will be leading the market without hassle. There is no better time to start making fine adjustments to your digital marketing strategy than today.

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