If A Logo Could Be Smelt, You’d Want To Sniff These 38 Flower Logos

Nothing shows endearment quite like a beautiful, blossoming bunch of flowers. Well, except for pizza… and tacos…

But still, for many years flowers have been the universal sign of endearment. Flowers are bought for anniversaries, birthdays, dates, funerals, different holidays such as Christmas or Easter, to say “get well soon”, mothers day, valentines day, weddings, to say “thank you”, or for sympathy. You get it; unlike pizza or tacos, flowers are appropriate for pretty much every occasion.

To celebrate the gift that puts a smile on so many different faces every single day, I’ve put together a collection of 38 beautiful and blossoming flower logos. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

flower-1 flower-2 flower-3 flower-4 flower-5 flower-6 flower-7 flower-9 flower-10 flower-11 flower-12 flower-14 flower-15 flower-16 flower-17 flower-18 flower-19 flower-20 flower-21 flower-22 flower-23 flower-24 flower-25 flower-26 flower-27 flower-28 flower-29 flower-30 flower-32 flower-33 flower-34 flower-35 flower-36 flower-37 flower-38 flower-39 flower-40


Next time you receive a bunch of flowers, for whatever the occasion, think to yourself; would I rather have a pizza? The answer is yes 9 times out of 10. I’m just kidding.

I hope you enjoy your flowers as much as you enjoyed these logos!

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