Interview with Grant Friedman of Colorburned

Interview with successful Design Blogger Grant Friedman of . If you wanted to know who the man behind Colorburned is here is your chance to find out. Check it out.


1. Thanks Grant for taking part in the Interview. I have been following Colorburned for quite some time now and must say you have very unique content. Could you start off by telling us a bit about yourself? What got you into Design Blogging?

Thanks Jacques, I really appreciate that. I do my best to be original; sometimes, I do a better job than others. To start, my name is Grant Friedman. I am the person behind, a graphic design blog that specializes in giving away free design resources, tutorials, and information. I started blogging about design in May of 2008 right after I left my position managing several websites for the Commonwealth of Kentucky (U.S.A). Originally, Colorburned was a portfolio website but eventually I started releasing freebies and writing about design. It took several months but eventually traffic started to increase and things really started to take off.


2. Have you always wanted to be a Designer since a young age or has your interested jumped around a bit?

Looking back, creativity was always a part of my life. As a kid, I was always drawing (or attempting to) or trying to build toys of my own. I distinctly remember building little space ships out of poster board and tape. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover design until college; which is sad because I really missed out on a lot of learning opportunities. As it turns out, I went to school for a lot of things. First, I was a political science major, then business, then computer science, then graphic design, then advertising, and finally telecommunications. Some people might say I was indecisive, but I say that I was just ruling out the things I really didn’t want to do.


3. Apart from being a Design Blogger you are also a Freelance Designer, how do you find the time to blog and design successfully?

I’ve been blogging full-time for a while now. I take a freelance job from time-to-time but lately I’ve been spending so much time with the blog that I’ve had very little time to work on any other projects.

4. Could you maybe describe to the readers what your average day is like from when you get up until you go to bed?

The one thing about being a blogger is that no 2 days are alike. Most of the time I wake up, check my email, log on to Twitter and Facebook, check my RSS feeds, and site statistics, then proceed with any projects that I have for the day. Once I have finished, I head to the gym, have a nice dinner, and then get ready to do it all over again the next day.


5. You run a very successful blog Colorburned, why did you start Colorburned? Was it just a hobby? How did Colorburned change your life when it really took off?

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I’m very happy with the success I’ve seen so far. Having a blog has given me the opportunity to write a book and connect with a community of other designers that I would not otherwise have the ability to connect with. In the beginning, it started as a means of gaining exposure while I hunted for a job. The more I blog however, the more I find that I really enjoy it.

6. You are a very active person in general, designing and blogging but, do you have other hobbies besides sitting in front of the computer?

Sure! I like to play cards, I love to go to the race track to watch the horses, I enjoy a good workout at the gym, a good college football or basketball game. I love to travel and be with my girlfriend.


7. What is your current setup? Do you work from home or do you have a office? What equipment do you use?

Sometimes I feel like I work on a punch card machine. My computers are fairly old. I have a Dell desktop and laptop circa 2004 and am currently biding my time until I feel comfortable enough to purchase a couple new Macs to replace them. I work from home. I’ve carved out a nice corner of the house where I do all my work.

8. If you had to choose between being a Full-time Designer or a Full-time Blogger what would it be? and Why?

I would probably choose to be a full-time blogger. I love to design but blogging gives me the ability to truly be my own boss. A freelance designer, for instance, might not have a boss but they are still answerable to their clients. Bloggers, on the other hand, are only answerable to their readership which I think is pretty cool.

9. Do you have any good tips for aspiring bloggers and designers?

I think the best thing that a blogger can do is to always be kind, courteous, and above all, helpful. The more that you blog, the more you will find how interconnected the community is. The small blogs depend on the big blogs for traffic; the big blogs depend on the small blogs to provide content. So it doesn’t matter how many readers you have, the community is all intertwined and cannot work unless we all support one another.

10. Thanks a lot for your time Grant it is greatly appreciated.

You’re very welcome! Thank you for the opportunity!


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