Introducing – A Crowd-Sourced Online Logo Maker

As a serial Internet entrepreneur, I have created countless logos for my new businesses. I hired professional logo design companies, launched logo design contests, and even tried online logo generators if I feel the logo I need is simple enough. However, logo123 seems to offer something interesting – an online logo maker that’s powered by real designers.

Order custom logo concepts for $5 each

So instead of creating your own logo online, you will need to place a quick order for the logo concepts you’d like to see. First you must decide how many custom logo concepts you’d like to order for your project. At $5 each, you can order just 1 or up to 10 logo concepts at a time. After entering a simply design brief, and choosing some sample designs you like from their logo library, your logo design project is ready to go.

Get your logo in less than 30 minutes

Doesn’t matter when, or in what time zone you have submitted your logo order, there are always designers online and ready to work on your project. In fact, when you open the website home page, it tells you exactly how many designers are online. According to the website, their average design turnaround time is 25 minutes. That means you don’t have to wait for hours or even days to see your logo. You can in fact submit your logo order, then browse internet for half hour while you wait for your custom design logo to come back.

Pay just $49 for the design copyright

If you are happy with the design concepts you received and want use the logo, you must purchase the design copyright for an additional $49 ($69 if you need further design revisions). This flat pricing offered by logo123 is very much in line with the online logo makers where they charge a fixed fee if you want to download and use the logo you created. And $49 for an exclusive copyright of the logo is definitely a bargain in my opinion.

Crowdsourcing 2.0

logo-123-preview was launched by the same team behind 48hourslogo, a popular logo contest website. Because of their large designer base, anytime when a logo order is submitted, there are always designers online and ready to work on the project. Compare to the traditional logo contest model, logo123 offers more flexibility where instead of paying the full contest prize upfront; client can choose how many logo concepts they like to see and only pay a small fee upfront. However, it’s the super fact design turnaround that makes logo123 most attractive for busy entrepreneurs. If you need a business logo fast, besides online logo makers, you can give logo123 a try and have yourself a custom design logo in less than an hour.

Ps. As a special offer for creativeoverflow readers, when you like logo123 Facebook page, you’ll get on extra logo concepts when you order. So don’t forget to give that a try.

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