Introducing the (mt) Media Temple Grid at your Service

I couldn’t help but notice the new and improved (mt) Media Temple Grid web hosting plan. It comes with such a speed, I haven’t seen anywhere else, as far as hosting companies go. The features that make this Grid service so special are the newly incorporated server technologies like PHP 5.5 with Fast CGI and PageSpeed. They integrate together to pick up the pace when loading a website or opening more web pages at once. It’s lightning-fast.



No wonder (mt) Media Temple’s reputation echoes throughout the graphic/web designer-focused communities. They’ve been at it for years. Since 1998, they’ve been hosting great ideas attached to small businesses, and supporting other designers. Not to mention their very own gorgeously designed website, intuitive services, and indispensable hosting support team.


When there’s a problem, help is on the way. With the Grid plan, you not only receive the sought-for assistance at any time of day or night by mobile, Skype, Twitter, or chat. With the On-Demand CloudTech Support feature, there’s a list of up to 20 one-time services that the team will perform in order to backup, analyze, and generally optimize websites.

Fit for most types of websites

Whether it’s a personal website, a portfolio-based one, or a blog, the (mt) Media Temple Grid will make sure to keep it up and running despite unpredictable highs and lows in traffic, by relying on several servers to share resources for just one site.

The administration interface makes you feel at home. That is where all the magic happens. The AccountCenter is one easy-to-use control panel, for you can manage up to 100 databases, attend to web mail with up to 1000 email accounts capacity, add new domains anytime, and get all sorts of applications installed. For that matter, WordPress, ZenCart and Drupal come with a swift 1-Click installation. Besides, you also get to manage CloudFlare with Railgun settings, free of charge and effortlessly, in order to keep the websites protected.


A convenient arrangement

Signing up is a monthly $20, and if the Grid service is not pleasing, you get your money back (guaranteed). But, I think you won’t need to. Register a top-level domain (.com, org., net., .name, .biz., or .info) for a discounted annual sum of $5 the first year and $12 thereafter, or enlist a domain that you already own, and see for yourself what it’s like.


Apart from the 100 GB storage, 2,000 GPUs, and 1 TB scalable bandwidth, you’ll be amazed at how fast the new and improved Grid works. It may just fit your needs perfectly. In my humble opinion, (mt) Media Temple released a hosting plan that just can’t disappoint.

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