Life in Different Colors – 30 Photographs Worth Printing

What is one difference between a man’s eyesight and that of a dog’s? It’s the color. Dogs only see things in black and white, while people see the whole spectrum. What we see in red, blue, yellow and green, the dogs only see in black, gray and white.

This is perhaps one of the gifts God gave the humankind that is sometimes taken for granted. Color gives more meaning to the otherwise to ordinary things around us. In fact, studies have shown that every color has distinct meaning to every eye that beholds it. Read on and find out the meaning behind the chromatic parts of a rainbow.


Among the colors on the palette, red has the most personal association. It mainly depicts action, stimulating the viewer with energy. The more red is used or the “redder” an object is, the more it stimulates the perceiving audience. It could also mean love (hearts, red lips) or aggression (seeing red, reddening face).

Red Leaves Petteway – National Geographic

Line of Trees in Red – FotoCommunity

Poppy Field by Murray Breingan

Sexify your Plate! by Kristaschaus

Red Fireworks in the Rain by Galaxy_of_Emptiness


This color suggests more controversy, but not neutrality. You either “love” or “hate” than neither. It also stimulates activity and appetite, being a close relative of the color red. It radiates warmth and sometimes have broad appeal, depending on the viewer.

Orange Sailboat on National Geographic

Girl Light Orange Photography via Favim

Princess of a New Age by Pabli Rajkonna

Photo by Photographer Alvaro Puentes

Orange and Only Orange by Raman


Yellow can spark creative thought, as well as happiness, optimism and enlightenment. Coming from perhaps any environment, it activates the memory and encourages conversation.

Yellow Leaves on National Geographic

Yellow by Tamaskatai

Yellow by Danny Ribeiro

Yellow by Dannyiscoming

Yellow round the Beacon by algo


This color can be regarded as one of the most favorite colors of people, second only to blue. It symbolizes nature and therefore depicts peace or tranquility. In the spectrum visible to people’s eyes, green is considered most visible, having a bigger area than the others.

Green Aurora on National Geographic

Green Photography via Mihikatha

Portrait by Cuba Gallery

Green Day Concert by Anirudh Koul

Nature Grass by Cuba Gallery


Seen as dependable, committed and trustworthy, blue is considered as a favorite among most people. It has a calming and cooling effect either physically or mentally, and it aids in intuition but expresses exhilaration when a more dramatic or brilliant blue is shown.

Blue Peackok on National Geographic

Blue Morning by Yury

The Blues by Cauchy09

Lavender is the New Blue by Susan Gary

To the enchanted blue by I Travel East


Known as a favorite of adolescent girls, it is a color inclined to the eccentric and creative. It gives a sense of both royal and mystic qualities. And since it is derived from the combination of red and blue, it also embodies the balance of both calmness and action, while sometimes giving a notion of uneasiness or unrest.

Purple Dunes on National Geographic

Purple Haze by Oracle

Purple Fingers by Andreas Reinhold

Purple Delight by Maggy Buenaventura

Purple by jwlphotogprahy

Different colors could mean different things, emotions, or even correlating objects. Surely, if we had eyes like dogs’ and see how they see, life might be a little less, well, colorful.

Here are some remarkable photos depicting life in its various shades and hues. If you also have pictures like these, please share them with us so we can enjoy the full spectrum of life captured in every frame.

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