Yellow is a warm color and creates a harmonious effect if combined with a dark color because it can brighten up a dark design. Aside from being so eye-catching, yellow signifies happiness too. It is usually used in health, safety equipment and hazard signs due to its high visibility.

Here is the collection of 37 Beautiful Yellow Logo Designs that are beautifully made for every designer, they will work great on business cards, websites, print mediums and more. Try to check out these logos and you’ll surely appreciate them. Hope you enjoy them!

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About the Author:
Mag Wong is a freelance graphic designer from Malaysia listed in DesignCrowd's Top 5 Graphic Designers Malaysia and its global Freelance Logo Designer directories. You can contact and hire Mag via Mag's design portfolio or DesignCrowd's logo design outsourcing service.

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  1. Really Nice Collection of Logos Mag.

  2. PRATEEK GUPTA says:

    Hi Mag Wong sir its great so you made all of this? so please also give us tuts for this logos i love to try these……..

  3. Steve-o says:

    Sweet article. Love the new theme on this site too.

  4. sawebdesigns says:

    yellow really looks great on food and music

  5. Hey guyz, nice panorama, but but but it missed this, the designer averti one :

    see you soon !

  6. MAG WONG says:

    Thanks for everyone. Hope you all guys enjoy…

  7. Mel Gardner says:

    Nice collection, yellow is great how it goes so well with both black and white, check out this one:

  8. Julia Agnes says:

    So bright examples of logo designs! Like them!

  9. adorable logos! Thanks a lot for sharing )

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