MacBook Air: The Future of Laptop Computing?

On October 20th Apple had their back to the MAC launch. The lineup included the launch of Lion (the updated OS), iLife, the new MacBook Air and much more. Lets talk a little about the new MacBook.

There has, once again, been a lot of Apple haters going after the new MacBook Air In the Media. “Anyone that pays $999 for a laptop with only 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processing and 64 gig hard drive space is an idiot.” “ It can only be the ‘Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field’ that would make anyone even think about buying such a low spec product.”

I’m afraid that those individuals just don’t get it. Each device is designed for a specific use, and no, the MacBook Air is not a workstation, it is a portable personal computer, and it is designed to perform that task WELL.

Here is my problem with laptops today. I have a web start-up that I need to demo to prospective clients during the day. There is nothing more unprofessional than having to ask your clients for a power outlet so you can power up your laptop an proceed with your 3pm presentation.

Even worse, then when you fire it up, it goes something like this:” zzttt -zzttt-zztt-(let tell you what hardware you have on your PC) zzzttt-zzzt-zzzttt (blank) zztt-zztttt-zzzzztt- Starting Windows – zztttt–zztt-ztttt-zzzzzttttt-now icons start appearing one by one. O’ we’re not there yet, now 20 questions will pop up, from virus protection to notification. You cant even click on your PowerPoint program yet, because thing are still loading in the background. Then when you do open PowerPoint, it feels that it should also be granted time to do its own stretching exercises. “ It sucks.” The only reason why we use it, is because it all there is.

Not anymore.

The new MacBook Air comes standard with 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (you can upgrade if you like). Now Apple hatters will tell you that if you compare apples with apples (what they mean is Apples with Windows), you would be an idiot to spend that much for that kind of processing speed. The part that they are forgetting is:”It does not run Windows.” Mac OS does not need as much RAM or processing power as Windows does. “Only 64 GB hard drive!” Well it isn’t really a hard drive, it is Flash Storage, and should you need more, you can upgrade to 128GB. But you shouldn’t need more than that. Its a laptop, you don’t need to carry everything you own on you, what if you laptop get stolen? Plus, if you need to be able to access everything you have got in meetings, that is what the CLOUD is there for.

What makes the new MacBook Air great for people like me? Its thin, light, quiet and has got battery life of between 5-7 hours. Its got 30 days Standby time. Its got “Instant On” like a iPhone or iPad, no more booting up at meeting. The best of all , its very well priced at just $999.

I think Apple has done well, designing a laptop that actually gives it user what it needs. I cant wait to get mine.

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