Marketing 101: 3 Benefits of Making Print and Digital Media Work Together

While it is true that more people now conduct searches for products and brands online than they do from print media, it is also true that a huge percentage of people searching for those very same products and brands were directed there from some form of print media. If you are looking for a well-rounded marketing strategy for your business, it pays to understand the benefits of making print and digital media work together to broaden your reach. Here are just three of those benefits.

1. Many People Still Prefer Print Communications

If you are currently in the process of devising a marketing strategy, one thing you might want to be aware of is the fact that many people still prefer print communications over their digital counterpart. In a recent article posted by the Printing Industries Alliance, it was noted that greater numbers of people responded to direct mailings than advertisements of the same product online. Is it because their screen is constantly bombarded with so many popups that they simply close them off without taking a moment to read them?

It isn’t yet clear why this is happening but the PIA states that more people will respond to direct mail than online ads, even though online ads have the potential to reach a larger audience quicker. Now with the ability to use an online printing site when creating your own marketing mailers, you can save a ton of money with custom print jobs. Doesn’t it make sense to add direct mailing to your advertising campaign that will correspond directly to what you are using in digital form online? This way you capture a broader market share!

2. High Percentage of People Will Read Print Media vs. Online Content

While there are those who will spend hours reading content online, and these are the people you are marketing to with digital media, there are those who will read something in a journal or newspaper in its entirety but merely glance at its digital counterpart. Again, it isn’t yet understood why this phenomenon is happening but the reality is that if you have something to say, it is more likely that a reader will stick it through to the end in print form.

However, if you are using short bits of advertising with custom graphics or photos, you will almost certainly get a higher response online. The trick is to grab the reader’s attention within just a few seconds. Learning to use both print and digital media in your marketing strategies will ensure that you reach those who want more information as well as those whose interest is sparked with an image or a short sentence or two. It pays to cater to both long and short attentions spans!

3. Positive Response to Print Advertising

As mentioned above, overall, there is a positive response to print advertising. However, this comes about in a rather odd way! Print media will lead the reader to your website where they can get further information and browse your site for products or services mentioned in your print ads. Studies have shown that print ads that give a website URL will often prompt the reader to seek more information on your site. Of course, you need to pay special attention to the layout and content of that print advertisement, but when formatted well, you can significantly grow your audience with just a simple mention on a postcard, flyer or other forms of print media.

Learning to use both together is both an art and a science. However, don’t ever be led to believe that one is superior to the other. Both have their place in your marketing strategies and by learning how to make them work together, you will reach the widest audience possible. Isn’t that what marketing is all about anyway? Give it a try!

Featured Image by Carlos Muza