Microsoft Introduces the Windows Phone 7

Well, it seems like Windows mobile is back in the lime light again. Microsoft just launched their new mobile phone OS:” Windows Phone 7”, Monday the 11 October 2010. You can watch the launch online here Engadget.

So what is the verdict? Having been a windows mobile user in the past, I must say that I’m not their biggest fan. That said, I think they have really come up with something impressive and fresh this time around. I really respect the fact that they have gone outside the box, and didn’t base their design, “like most other smart phone software companies,” on the iPhones iOS design.

Personally I think it is great to have some new blood, in this ever growing market. Are they entering the competitive mobile scenes to late? Well, only time will tell.

I must be honest, I was exhausted after watching the presentation. It just felt like the OS can almost do too much. Joe Belfiore’s message felt like the exact opposite of what their add campaign “ in and out and back to life”, is based on. There are so many options when it comes to different ways that information is interlinked, that I think people will spend more time on their Windows Phone 7 device and less time “in life.”

It seems that there are now two different design philosophies at work when it comes to mobile OS designs.

  1. We give you a phone that does all the things you use all the time, extremely well and very simple. If you need anything more “there is an app for that” – copyright apple I understand.
  2. We will just give you a phone that can do everything you can imagine. Even if you will probably only use 10% of what it can do.

For me the Windows Phone 7 OS does not seem worlds apart from Microsoft’s general software development philosophy of adding everything and the kitchen sink. Lets hope the phone delivers on the 10% of things that a user will use often, then I think it will stand a good chance of gaining market share.

Regardless, thank you Microsoft for bringing something new and original to the smartphone OS arena.

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