Outdoor Opticals: Top Android Apps for the Nature Photographer

These days, if you want to pursue a hobby as a nature photographer, there’s no need to carry a bulky camera, tripod, and extra lenses. You can use your smartphone to capture pictures like never before.

If you’re looking for a phone that will take quality pictures, consider a Sony smartphone, which incorporates the latest Xperia cameras. These use cutting edge triple image sensing technology, so you can produce high-quality images wherever you go. There are also plenty of apps out there to help you enhance your outdoor photography experience. Here is a rundown on some of Androids best apps for nature photography.


You’ll need to edit your photos on the go and VSCO is considered to be one of the best image editors out there. It comes with a range of pre-set filters which you can add to your shots at the touch of a button. It has a total of 15 editing tools allowing you to adjust temperature, color, exposure level, saturation, and contrast. You can also add highlights, grain, and shadows. The app is free, though you can pay for extra filters.

My Tide Times

This is a must-have app if you’re taking landscape shots by the sea shore. My Tide Times will tell you everything you need to know about tide times throughout the world, with quick and easy access. The app connects with 9,000 different tidal stations throughout the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. You can also access information about sunrise and sunset times and moonrise and moonset times, as well as moon phases. This app is free to use and is available from Google play store.

Photo Tools

Photo Tools is a free app is packed with tools for the amateur and professional photographer alike. The myriad functions include minimal shutter speed calculator, time lapse calculator, multiple exposure compensation, multiple exposure compensation, light meter, color temperature chart, weather forecast and more.

Easy Release

The Easy Release app is essential if you are shooting people on location. If you work with many different models, you are probably aware of the necessity of model releases. This app makes is simple to create a custom release form that anyone can sign with their finger. The release is generated as a PDF, so you can easily share it with anyone who needs a copy.

Accuweather Platinum

Nature photography, of course, entails being outdoors and the last thing you need is a surprise with the weather. Accuweather Platinum will ensure that you don’t get caught in a storm in the middle of a photo shoot, with minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for up to two hours ahead, localized to your precise GPD location. It is available for the UK and Ireland, as well as many other countries. There is a small fee for this app.

This is just a sample of the wide range of photo apps available. Apps can help you in a number of ways from finding the best lighting to calculating the depth of field. All designed to help you make the most of your nature photography.

Featured image by Ivars Krutainis

Jamie Rowe is an amateur photographer who is just a tiny bit addicted to Instagram! On his weekends he enjoys getting outside on a long hike and capturing nature at its best.