Pet Art and How to Make It

If you are an animal lover, most likely you are also a pet owner. For pet parents, our furry companions are part of the family, not just a pet. As such, pet parents are always looking for creative ways to memorialize the love they have for their pets.

Pet Paintings

One of the most endearing ways people love to create art around their critters is through portrait painting. Whether your cat is posed amidst a black background or your dog is posed in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, or your guinea pig is a popcorning Red Baron pilot, portrait paintings are permanent illustrations of your pet’s unique personality. Just be mindful of the strain an awkward pose can put on an animal if made to be in it for a long length of time. Learn to recognize the symptoms of arthritis in dogs and other pets, especially older ones, before proceeding with your masterpiece.

Coffee Cups & Mugs

Creativity is contagious when it comes to our pets. Today, there are many sites that offer the ability to produce merchandise with your pet’s photos and artwork. Coffee cups and coffee mugs can carry a print of your critter’s image so you can carry your kitty, puppy, rabbit, guinea pig or fish with you at work.

Pet Sculptures

Sculptures can come in many forms. If you lack the artistic touch but want to create a sculpture in honor of your pet, polymer clay is one way to go. You can mold your cat, dog, rabbit or even fish from little pieces of clay. And if you make a mistake, you can start over without damage to the clay.

For a more permanent fixture, oven bake clay allows you to create your pet, cook it and color it as you wish. There are many videos online that teach how to bake/cure polymer clay. It’s tricky at first because the cooking time is what determines the success of your piece. However, by following the instructions, you should have no problem.

Mixed Media Pet Art

Mixed media is one of the most creative and fun ways to honor your critter. Usually, mixed media includes a variety of materials such as quality photography, paintings, clue, cut outs, paper, and paper mache, or anything that can be used creatively. Examples of mixed media projects are picture frames, pillows, or decor for your work office or home. Holiday pet cards are among the most popular pet creations. We love cards of our animals on Valentine’s Day, Labor Day or any holiday.

Charcoal & Graphite Drawings of Your Pet

If you know how to draw, then drawing your pooch, cat, bird or mouse is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your pet. Charcoal and graphite sets come in inexpensive beginner sets. Some sets include a drawing pad. When you draw your pet, you can let your imagination get wild. Your pet is no longer bound by the three-dimensional world. He/she is memorialized in the setting you devise. Petsmart has Youtube videos that show you how to draw your dog. Similarly, you can find may other tutorials online that teach you how to draw your specific pet.

Pet Jewelry

Just like people parents, some dog and cat parents love to imprint the paws of their kittens, puppies and other creatures. The imprints on soft non-toxic animal clay are easy and safe to use. Once you capture your pet’s paw onto the soft-air drying clay, allow the impression to dry. Once the clay has dried, you can glue a metal jewelry necklace holder and metal chain to make a necklace.
Step stones also make nice gifts or decorations for the garden. Milestone sells pet photo stone kits you can decorate with a photo of your pet and stunning color glass gems, number stamps and a reusable mold.

Abstract Pet Art

Abstract creativity is a visually stimulating way to pay tribute to your pet. Abstract lines, drawings, paintings or sculptures can be illustrated in any form. Yarn can be used to create a modernized, colorful design of your pet. There are many DIY sites online and videos that show you how to produce beautiful items you can hang on your wall or decorate your bed with.
Pet parents will always cherish their pets and pay tribute to the unconditional love their furry little-loved gives them.

Featured Image by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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