Psychology of Design and How it Affects Decisions

Psychology of design is a little bit complicated than what most people perceive it to be. Each day people are faced with decisions to make. You either sacrifice the convenience of playing at Vegas Palm Online casino so that you can travel miles to the nearest land-based casino or opt otherwise. Generally, choices have to be made, and this is a very important part of cognitive psychology.

And since this area looks complex, scientists have tried coming up with theories to explain how and why people make choices based on certain preferences. This could also give us some hint as to why people play online casino games at Vegas Palms Canada.

Color and how it affects your choice

Colors invoke moods and emotions. If you walked right into a land-based casino, for example, you’d notice colors that typically bring about the mood of playing. The same thing happens on the internet as well. Online casinos use a wide range of colors which are generally perceived to be ideal for a casino environment.

Generally, all researchers believe that colors can impact your decision-making process because of the effect which they have on your brain. For instance, red is the color of power and passion. That explains why slot games which are based on love or romantic matters are shaded red. Purple is about royalty and wealth. Interior designers use it to create sophisticated living rooms and master bedrooms. Casino software designers like Microgaming use it to spruce up slot machines that are based on opulence. This could explain why players sometimes get addicted to playing online games at casinos. Apart from the game being captivating and naturally engaging to play, visitors will come and stick to an online casino because of the wide selection of colorful games that invoke certain moods on players.

The curiosity gap in design

It is not easy to get someone’s attention and eventually keep them listening to you. However, if the concept of curiosity gap (a term that was first coined by George Loewenstein) is explored, people could be made to listen.

Curiosity gap is basically the gap which exists between what you know and what you don’t know. People generally feel compelled to want to fill this gap, hence the curiosity. In newspapers or magazines, this is done through designing headlines or updates that naturally raise curiosity.

If you go to an online casino site, for example, you will see that games with curiosity-driven names tend to get tested more often than those whose titles don’t raise curiosity.

Generally, online casinos face so much competition such that they have to make good use of these marketing elements to attract and keep users. Usually, a good casino that is designed around these psychological elements will keep visitors’ attention a little bit longer on the homepage. That’s because these websites tend to use the best designs which have also been proven to work magic in the psychology of visitors. This is further reinforced with attractive bonuses which are just impossible to resist.

Most online casinos make it clear that you can sign up and test games for free or with the bonus money which is freely given to new players. This is done in an effort to keep people exploring and playing games which they would be interested in. But most important of all, casinos must utilize visual design elements to attract and retain their users.

Featured image by Clem Onojeghuo