Quick Tip: Guide to Building an Active Twitter Following

Creating a Twitter account and tweeting about what you do or sharing information on relevant topics can help you grow your readership, sell your product or otherwise market your business, however, you will not be very successful if you do not have a large, dynamic group of followers on Twitter. Building your fan base and keeping their interest can seem like a daunting task, but knowing a few simple tips and tricks can help you achieve your goals.

Remember the time where you started out and had your first quality business cards printed? You kept staring at them, but didn’t really know how you were going to approach this marketing task at hand? Well in this case, I am here to help you setup your Twitter account with a short guide. Let’s see what you have to do.

The Bio

When you create your Twitter profile, make sure that it is interesting, informative and even imaginative. For instance, let’s say that your company sells custom bunk beds. Rather than enter “We sell custom bunk beds” into the Bio section, type something that will entice people to want to read more from you, such as “No boring bedding here! Only one of a kind bunk bed sets, along with lots of tips on safety, fun and even getting your kids to sleep.

Follow Interesting People

Once you have an attractive profile set up, start by following others. This will help you build your following because it is good Twitter etiquette to follow those who added you first. Most people will not blindly follow anyone who follows them though, so be sure to seek out people with similar interests. Search keywords using hash tags (#) to find people who have tweeted on related topics. Once you find several like-minded tweeters, check out who they follow and who follows them for even more possibilities.

Tweet even if you don’t have followers

Begin tweeting even if you don’t have a following. The key is to tweet about topics that you know about and that others might be interested to read. Tweets can be funny or entertaining, such as “When I was a kid, I would ‘run away’ to my top bunk, thinking Mom couldn’t see me there.” They can also be enlightening and informative, such as “Ancient Egyptians were the first to sleep on bunk beds.” What they should not be is boring, repetitive or pointless. If you have nothing meaningful to tweet, simply don’t tweet.

Interesting Content

Finding something interesting to tweet about is imperative though, as you should tweet regularly to keep potential and repeat customers aware of you. This way, even if they do not currently need what you offer, you will be the one they think about when they do require a product or service you offer. Retweeting the tweets of others will help build your following too. The people or businesses whose tweets you share will appreciate it, follow you more actively and even retweet some of your tweets.

Finally, make sure you add twitter buttons to your website, blog or newsletter that viewers can click on to follow you on Twitter or tweet your content from their own account. Before long, you will have a vibrant following and a rapidly growing business.

That’s it people. Quick tips on gaining an active following on twitter.