Really Common Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

A logo is incredibly important for branding. It simply needs to be perfect as it shows brand personality while conveying information about a company at the very first glance. A logo should never be hard to understand or there is no reason to have one. Logos tell brand stories in an instant, non-patronizing and in a completely clear way.

Much can be said about logo design but in many cases, the first thing should be to understand what you might do wrong. This is why we will mention some really common logo design mistakes you have to avoid.

Raster Graphics That Are Resolution-Dependent

As mobile content is much more important than it used to be, we should mention this mistake first. Logos need to always correctly scale based on host device. All images should appear at a quality that is consistent, all without pixelation. Because of this, using raster graphics is a really bad idea.

Professional designers now use scaling vector graphics. They will scale really well, without losing quality. Editing vector graphics is also much easier.

Blindly Following Trends, Fads And Gimmicks

There are always some brand new emerging design trends you want to consider. However, this does not mean you need to blindly follow them whenever designing a logo. As an example, one of the popular trends is using minimalistic and flat design. Is this something you want to use for everything? When you design for a business selling auto title loans, is minimalistic design enough? These are the types of questions you have to ask.

Always think about designing a logo that will stand the test of time. Also, think about the audience you want to reach with your logo. Does that audience appreciate minimalistic branding? You basically need to think about the future when you design your logo instead of what works now.

Improperly Using Typefaces

Most designers get excited as they work with fonts and this is completely normal. However, this can so easily lead towards a very big problem: improper pairing. This would make everything look really silly. Most logos are designed with an inappropriate font in relation to a brand persona. For instance, when you design a logo with the use of Comic Sans for an attorney, the result will be something that is fun and really light-hearted.
There is a pretty good possibility the client will not like this.

Copying Highly Successful Brands

Always Together by Takahiro Sakamoto

Everyone knows the logos of the big brands like Starbucks or McDonald’s. Because of this, some business owners decide to copy the logos. It is definitely a bad idea as it shows the brand is not creative and a lawsuit is also highly possible. For the designer, aping the successful brands leads to a logo that automatically stands out as lacking creativity. You do not want to be perceived as a designer that is not creative. Also, the result will be bad for the business as clients will recognize the copying attempt. All businessmen know how important it is to be unique for success to happen.

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