Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

A blog is like a journal or diary online that is regularly updated. If you start a blog today, you will have the opportunity to express yourself and share your opinions on certain subjects with your audience. As a blogger, you share your point of views and opinions about several things and post them online for other people to read and benefit from it. You help your readers to widen their mindset, make them think further and also expose them to things they never knew.

Bloggers post about their lives, experiences they might have had and what they feel about certain things. Thinking of how to start a blog? here are some reasons why you should start a blog today;

Connects you to the world

Owning a blog helps you interact with people from various places in the world, you’re also able to target people in different sectors with the right SEO strategies. Someone might read one of your articles and help you get a better job, secure you a contract and help widen your network reach and it becomes easier by using seo services in chicago to help expand your footprint.

Improves your thinking and writing ability

As a blogger, the more pieces you write, the more research you carry out, the more books you read and ultimately, the better you become. It gives room for self-development. Several people want to know about you as a blogger, they look up to you, this makes you change your view about life as a blogger, you would want to be a good and perfect example. You then begin to work hard to become much more knowledgeable. Bloggers are knowledgeable people. Bloggers are readers, writers, researchers, advisors, teachers and much more. They wear many caps at the same time.

They read about several things, they are informed, they make research this exposes them to knowledge about various things happening in the world.

Source of income

Bloggers can earn money from writing and this is done easily, it doesn’t require you working several hours in a day. With blogging, you could work from home, you could still have a full-time job or still go about your daily chores.

Express your opinions freely

With your blog, you can express your feelings and opinions freely. Your blog can be a source of information to some specific readers on some certain subjects. You can blog on certain subjects that will make readers become aware of what is happening around them. Bloggers keep people up to date and they are inspirational figures. Their posts can become ‘call-to-actions’ in situations that require people to be motivated to take an action.

As a blogger, you express yourself in such a way that readers will understand it and learn something from whatever has happened to you. In this way, you help people discover themselves.


If you’ve ever wanted fame and popularity, then, you should start blogging. When a blogger has several fans and readers, they become more popular and well respected. You could even brand yourself as a respected Public Figure and begin to charge for appearance fees and speaking engagements.

Get more clients

As a blogger, frequent updating of your blog will attract new customers and clients. When readers see the great work you are doing, they will patronize you. You could use your blog to drive traffic to your business. You could advertise products that your sell or services that you offer on your blog. It helps to control and gain the love and loyalty of the population.

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