Securing Your Firewall to Protect Your Online Activity

A computer that uses Internet cannot be fully secured unless it uses firewall software to protect your online activity. Whether it’s for personal use, or you utilize business internet plans, having a reliable firewall to go along with an anti-virus program is highly worth considering. Anti-virus software protects your computer from known threats that are spelled out definitely, such as Trojans and spyware.

Importance of Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is essential for securing local networks and computers against hacking attempts. A firewall protects your computer by acting as a buffer between the Internet and your local network. You can use a firewall to configure settings regarding which information enters your network and which ones leave it. Firewalls, are therefore, highly essential for protecting your computer against unauthorized access.

Routers Provide Firewall Security

Firewall security has two different types – hardware-based and software-based. If routers are used in your home or office to connect all your computers to the Web, then such a router plays the role of a firewall. The router is responsible for passing information to and from your network through it. Routers make sure that information doesn’t directly reach the Internet without passing through it and vice versa.

Firewall Software

If your computer is directly connected to the Internet, you can use an open source firewall that is software-based. All outgoing and incoming packets of information are monitored by the firewall program so that sensitive information doesn’t leak out or harmful information doesn’t reach your computer. It uses a set of rules as you define them to filter all incoming and outgoing information.

Why a Next Generation Firewall?

Proper configuration is most important for efficient use of a firewall. You’ll have trouble using your computer if your firewall program is configured to deny all access to your network and your computer. A firewall that doesn’t restrict any access of information is meaningless. A next generation firewall that is properly configured will keep out unwanted packets of information and allow necessary exchange of information. A good firewall application will check for specific things to allow or disallow a packet of information.

Customized Firewall

Firewall software with predefined security settings disallows the passing of certain types of information packets. These predefined settings can be customized further according to the rules you define. You can always allow a particular domain or IP address, for instance, to share information with your network without any restrictions.

You can also block a specific IP address or domain name to exchange any information with your computer. This feature is often utilized by companies to prevent their employees from accessing entertainment sites, so as to prevent putting pressure on the company servers.

Firewalls are important to keep your browsing safe, so we decided to publish this article just to make everyone aware. Have a great day.