Should you Follow Those that Follow you on Twitter?

You follow someone on twitter and expect a follow back, but are you worth following? You should perhaps ask yourself this question; do you bid followers something unique, informative or special that someone else couldn’t? Do you interact with those that you follow you and share their posts if they are useful? There are a lot of different things that go into building up a prime following on twitter. People love following celebrities, sport stars and tv shows and don’t worry about being followed in return, why is this though? Perhaps its because they are famous? What are your thoughts on people following others on twitter?

My thoughts are that I follow those that I find interesting and that share useful links and information. I don’t follow everyone that follow me, simply because not everyone share links or useful information. Something that gets me to unfollow someone really quickly is when someone keeps spamming twitters feeds with links or information, its really annoying and usually gets me to unfollow them. I don’t mind people sending links once every 2-3 minutes but, 2 seconds apart is crazy…haha that is my opinion though..I check out everyone that follow me and follow them back if I see some useful links.

What are your thoughts? Should you follow those who follow you?

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