Our web sites would look dull and incomplete if they didn’t contain any buttons, and that is why I wrote a simple tutorial on how to create a Sign Up Button in 5 Simple Steps. In this tutorial I will explain to you how to easily create a Sleek Sign Up Button in a few simple steps. What are you waiting for? Check it out.

This is what you will be creating today.
Final Preview



Lets Get Going

Start out by creating your canvas, you can use any size canvas you want but, for this tutorial I chose to use 500x300px : 300dpi. Before we start creating the actual button fill your background with #000000 (Plain Black) using your Fill Tool(Shortcut: G). You can choose any background you want really, Using something simple in most cases just works out better. If you have your background set, lets get started.


In any web orientated design we usually work with a certain structure or size and it won’t be any different in this tutorial. Currently you just have your background so let’s go to View>New Guide – choose Orientation>Vertical and set the position to 150px – Now repeat that process and set your position to 330px. Those will be our width guidelines for the button that we will be creating. Let’s Repeat the process by going to View>New Guide – choose Orientation>Horizontal and set the position to 125px – Repeat the process and set the position to 170px remember the orientation has to be Horizontal. Now your canvas that you see in front of you should look like this:



Let’s create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer or by hitting (ctrl+shift+N) Name it Button. Next grab your Rounded Rectangle tool (Shortcut: U) Make sure that your radius is set to 10px. Now create your rounded rectangle inside those guidelines that we setup in the previous step, you will see that the tool snaps on to the guidelines for accuracy. After you have created your shape Right Click inside the shape path and hit Fill Path. Choose any color you like (I chose white) as the base color isn’t going to effect the final outcome of the button.
After you have filled the shape grab your Pen Tool (Shortcut: P) and right click inside the shape path then hit Delete Path.




This step is where you will see your results. Go to Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options OR Right click on your layer called Button and select Blending Options. Pick the follow options Inner Glow – Bevel and Emboss – Gradient Overlay. Below I have supplied you with the different settings for each of these options below. Gradient Overlay settings are #005b93#008fc7#85d6ff (After your done with the settings below, remember to hit OK)





Should have this outcome.



Our Button has now been given a nice gradient shading and is looking pretty good. Next step is to enrich our button with its title. Lets grab the Type tool (Shortcut: T) and choose your font you want, I chose Myriad Pro at a size of 32pt for this tutorial. Lets type Sign Up for this tutorial and align it on our button.



Now Select your Text layer and lets go to Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options OR Right click your Text layer and hit blending options. Pick the following options for your text layer – Drop Shadow – Gradient Overlay. I have supplied you with the different settings for each of these options below. Gradient Overlay settings are #f5f9f0#eff6e8#f9fcf7 (After your done with the settings below, remember to hit OK)





All that you have to do now is Save it and your done. Its that simple.

There you have your wonderful sleek looking Sign Up button in 5 simple steps, if you enjoyed my tutorial don’t hesitate to subscribe to our RSS FEED.

Below I have supplied you with the .psd of the Sign Up Button so that you can follow the Tutorial step by step.



Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you learned something.
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  2. NiKes says:

    its nice but not very useful…..

  3. Hampe says:

    I use Adobe Photoshop 7 and when I come to step 5 with Gradient Overlay, I can´t change the color. How I even do it the color is grey and white :S

    Heeeelp me, please!

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    I thank you for the step by step.
    Really useful.
    Took me 2 attempts to get things right.

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