SohoOS – All in One Business Management Tool

Running a business seems easy when you think about it, but the reality is you have so much responsibility on your hands when it comes to the admin side of the business. Everything from quotes, client contact information, invoices, proposals, purchase tracking and more. However, now you can save quite a bit of time thanks to SohoOS the new all in one business management solution.

SohoOS is a product that is quickly cornering the market in the small business world today. Drawing attention with its professionally built interface and loads of features it harnesses a compelling price tag being absolutely FREE. This isn’t seen much in the world today; nowadays its all about the money to be made off a product, but not in this case. The founder wants settle for creating a amazing product first and monetizing it later. Let’s have a closer look at SohoOS and some of its features.

SohoOS – An all inclusive free business management solution

Everything a business needs in order to flourish is now readily available with a single click. Managing your business was never this easy. Open your free account today and enjoy all we have to offer.

Unified Contact System

All of your contacts, clients, vendors and leads are bundled together in a simple, easy to use interface. Why waste time browsing through hundreds of business cards, spreadsheets and sticky notes? Perform every action you can think of directly from your contact list. This is something every business always struggles with: keeping client contact information in the right place for easy access. SohoOS makes this really simple by giving you a contact list that is easy to update and organize with a few simple clicks.

Payment Processing from start to finish

A payment process does not end when you issue an invoice. Request a payment directly by sending out the invoice attached with a link for direct payment. Get paid via multiple payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. All you have to do is leave your information. They will do the rest of the work.

A social business community at your fingertips

Correspond with other business owners directly through an integrated social feed on your dashboard. Find potential leads, partners, vendors and clients through an aggregated system that facilitates the community. You are able to update your activities and status as you please and you are able to interact with other businesses.

Freelance Arena

There is a freelance arena/market where freelancers can apply for jobs posted by clients and other people. Each job post clearly states the budget the client is working with and a small brief. This is a great place for designers and developers to find some extra work to take on. To post a project it will cost you $5 for 30 days, which is really reasonable if you think about it and compare it with other job boards/markets.

SohoOS comes with a lot more features that I haven’t covered in this post and that I recommend you check out for yourself. SohoOS is a major player that has come onto the business management scene with there product and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

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