Stamping a Positive Brand Statement for your Business through Design

Imagine running a business where you are getting customers talking and sharing experiences about what your business does and its story. Imagine if the experiences that these people are having not only improve your business’s competitiveness in the industry, but also changes the perceived impression of your business into one where the value of your offerings is always seen in high stead.

Successful companies that have a luxury appeal understand this. And this type of brand and experiential marketing can be applied to any business industry with the right knowledge. Ms Sydney Barrows who is a famed for her success as the Mayflower Madame as well as experiential marketing and co-author of the book Uncensored Sales Strategies: A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Really Want — No Matter What Business You’re In with marketing guru Dan Kennedy has developed her own business and helped others shape their business to gain several hundred thousands or millions in additional revenue each year by improving the experiential aspect of their business.

Australian businesses must commit to making a brand statement through the designs of their customer environment if they truly desire to thrive in their business environment.

Break the pricing chains that bind by enhancing the customers’ experience

Luxury businesses understand the importance of excelling in customer experience. By selling on price alone, your brand is subject to become a commodity. What this means is your product or service will be limited to the physical functionality that it offers. Potentially, anybody could compete with your brand. This includes legitimate competitors and even illegitimate competitors who may create replicas of your brand. By selling the experience that comes with the brand, you transcend the barriers to pricing.

Pricing is elastic when it is related to the perceived value of a product or service. A study from the Harvard Business Review found that people would automatically perceive items as expensive or inexpensive. Ask a customer how much something should cost and they will give you the price based on a feeling or emotion. So it makes sense that businesses should work towards that feeling or emotion to enhance the commercial value of for your business.

Creating the positive illusion with your environment

The entire experience during the consumer journey will either make or break the increased perception of value. Businesses must identify the steps from the point of discovery and the journey the consumer takes through the buying process, right up to the purchase, reassurance and advocation phases. Below are steps businesses can take to create a positive influence on their brand’s perception.

First impressions last – make them count!

Use your business designs to enchant customers and to keep them coming back. This means when people enter your offices, you impress them with modern office furniture that is in perfect condition. Each aspect of the environment should be selling the fantasy and appealing to their desire to do business with you. If there are any aspects that raise doubt, review it as quickly as possible as the entire experience should add to the experience exponentially.

Give the customer what they want

This is the point that you cannot afford to miss. You must ensure that you deliver what you promise. Otherwise all of the work that you have done to enhance your brand experience will become undone.

Focus on providing a positive interaction with customers

There are many things that can go wrong when interacting with customers. It is important to enhance any areas of the business that may be weak in these areas and that there is a company mission to strive for excellence. This means the business must:

Take initiative for any staff communications with the customer or prospects. The staff must understand the value that they add to the overall brand through their job role and how the interaction with the person can enhance the brand’s reputation or diminish it.

Take preventative actions against any misleading images, communications or experience that could tarnish or further damage the brand’s reputation.

Predict the customer’s expectation and push your business to exceed it

One of the world’s greatest companies ‘Apple’ has sought to do this through product design. And as a result of their forward thinking, they have developed exceptional products and further created a cult following for their brand.

It isn’t expected that you will get everything right immediately, but the business must commit to its mission to enhance the experience. Learn from the mistakes and any customer complaints that may be received. Make sure to thank customers for doing business with you and encourage them to leave you positive reviews. Sell the fantasy and deliver the experience and your business will increase in its brand value and transcend the pricing barriers to attain greater wealth.

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