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15 Impressive Tools for Creating Beautiful Presentations

Ever since MS PowerPoint revolutionized corporate and marketing communication in the early part of the millennium, presenting ideas through attractive slideshows has become a mandatory component of any successful and engaging presentation. The effectiveness of any presentation relies heavily on the styling, structure and attractiveness of the slides that are

Why Bloggers Still Need Business Cards (30+ Tips)

You love your blog, your visitors and life is great. You’re online, on Twitter and connecting with people all over the place. You probably think you don’t need business cards. But wait. Blogging is all about relationships, both online and offline. So if you’re concerned about networking, then you need

8 Things That Impel Your Business To Have A Website

For any new business to sustain in the marketplace, a website is very important. Even for the smaller business, a website is pretty much essential. Some may believe that they don’t need websites for their businesses but it’s a misconception as the market has been transforming. To compliment your business

The 10 Best Alternatives to Dropbox

In this article, we will take a lot at some alternatives to the popular storage service Dropbox. Most of you know and use Dropbox as a service backup and synchronization between your mobile devices. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dropbox, I advise you to familiarize yourself with

Discussing the Right User Interface for Video Streaming Websites

Video streaming has become quite popular these days. With the availability of devices like the iPad, tablets, smartphones etc. watching videos on the move has become a trend. Unlike feature-phones, the screen size of smartphones, iPads or tablets is larger, people can watch movies comfortably…High speed wireless internet is not

6 Tips to Help Improve Your eCommerce Product Pages

Good and impressive product pages play a crucial role in the growth and success of any eCommerce website. It can’t be denied that there are multiple poor eCommerce pages lying out there in the web and you would definitely not want to be one amongst them! Good product pages in

Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Best Vector Drawing Tool

Graphic designing has earned great importance in recent years and the support of technology has made it even more popular and effective. These days’ people are using graphical images in different ways such as web designing, clothing design, gaming, animation and more. The improvement in technology has provided comprehensive support

Boost your Graphic Design Skills with Adobe Photoshop CS6

The evolution of technology has made things quite simple and easy, people these days are using different applications and tools to carry out several operations at individual as well as at industrial level. Professionals are using software in order to carry out their jobs more efficiently. Technology is making a