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Website Personalization: Tailoring Website For Magnetism

We are at present living in a World Wide Web era of ruthless competition, wherein even customer satisfaction is not enough to guarantee a prolonged business existence. Over the time, users have become more proficient in terms of web surfing and internet exposure, which is why the definition of user

The Power of Black in Web Design + Infographic

Speaking about the color black in web design it’s impossible not to mention its dual nature. There is an opinion that black is not a color but the absence of it, however, though black is sometimes considered “achromatic”, in practice, it can be called a color. Associations related to black

The Right Mix to Make the Right Website Design

Website designing is a very unique field with lots of intricacies involved. This article highlights the important things that determine the website value in terms of user preference. This site describes briefly how you can create a website which is not only more appealing but also more profitable. Website designing

How to Test your Website for Mobile Devices with Emulators

Nowadays, it has become obvious that ignoring people who are connected to the Internet through handheld device is a mistake and the number of visitors will lower considerably. The predictions related to the growth of mobile visitors are amazing and this is clearly another reason to consider a “mobile website.”

Choosing the Right Typography for Your Website

Choosing typography for your website is almost as essential as the design itself. It not only helps your visitor have a clear understanding of your websites content the type also sets a mood for your website. Since this kind of consideration can be very subjective, there are a lot of

Tips for Finding Inspiration and Sparking Creativity

Whether you are looking for new business ideas, looking to write that next chapter in your book or trying to optimize your marketing campaign, you will need to generate creative ideas.

Don’t believe in the myth of writer’s block, or in any idea which only promotes your blocks to creativity. These limiting beliefs and low energy ideas cripple your creativity. By following the tips below you will be able to generate creative ideas on command. Remember, as you flex your mental muscles these faculties become stronger. You become more and more creative each day as you express yourself creatively on a persistent basis.

5 Ways to Keep your E-commerce Website Fresh

Opening up your own store online isn’t rocket science anymore. The introduction of eCommerce software has made it so simple to setup that even someone with zero computer experience would be able to eventually navigate their way to opening a store online. I have outlined 5 simple tips for you

Dare to Fight for Your Dreams

Two best friends, one goal, one opportunity. Two best friends for years having one crazy dream. Some people say it‘s insane, some say it‘s awesome. We have one goal – meet the world and we want show all the people like you that you can do everything you want!

Setting Up a Quality Online Shop

It’s no secret that the global economy is going through difficult times. While political candidates and other civic figures claim that relief is right around the corner, many economists urge caution. The structural problems that led to this economic downturn are still largely unaddressed. Instead of waiting passively for new

Enhancing Creativity for Business Success

Being creative is much more than being good at drawing or some other art form. It is about the ability to generate new ideas, build upon existing knowledge, find innovative ways to solve problems and discover new ways of doing things with greater efficiency and better results. Essentially, it is