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The UK’s Spending Habits [Infographic]

We all have spending habits. Fortunately in this infographic shown below has gone ahead and compiled a ton of data surrounding the UK’s spending habits and had a infographic designed to showcase the data they have compiled. This infographic targets the general population in the UK and has some

The design behind the On Yer Bike infographic

As the nation rides high from last summer’s Olympic cycling conquests and the Tour de France kicks into high gear, a new creative infographic published by Express Solicitors is aiming not only to encourage people to hit the road on two wheels instead of four, but to highlight the rewards

The Power of Black in Web Design + Infographic

Speaking about the color black in web design it’s impossible not to mention its dual nature. There is an opinion that black is not a color but the absence of it, however, though black is sometimes considered “achromatic”, in practice, it can be called a color. Associations related to black