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25 Joyful Smiling Logos

A lot of companies want to show how friendly they are and also assure visitors that all their customers are always happy and smiling. And that is why we can often see a smile in a logo. Smile associates with joy. And people like when all is well and joyful

50 Cute Fresh Animal Logos

We love sharing clever logo designs and today we’d like to present a showcase of quite interesting logos inspired by the animal world which is an endless source of inspiration. You will see how a picture of an animal can be converted into a charming logo. Some of these logos

40 Stunning Logos Inspired by Nature

Mother Nature provides design inspiration all around us and its impact on design industry is obvious. If you only browse through design galleries, like we did, you will see how many amazing logo designs are inspired by nature. Today we’re going to share with you some interesting and clever professional

50 Inspirational Logos by Noeeko

We look at logos every single day. Whether you pick up your phone, open your cupboard or even brush you teeth, you will have looked at some form of logo. A lot of graphic designers pride themselves in their logo/identity work and it’s good that they do as the companies

30 Hand Picked Black and White Logos

Creating a memorable logo that’s in keeping with a company’s brand can be tough, but it’s even tougher when you limit your palette to just black & white. But if there’s anything that makes great designs better, it’s constraints – and a black & white logo, when done right, can

20 Funny Famous Logo Parodies/Interpretations

There are some logos that are immediately recognizable. Some of them are unforgettable, as well, and you will remember them for years after they have changed or been rebooted in a new style. That is what they are made to do, sticking with the consumer and potentially bringing their business