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Most Committed Mistakes often Missed by Blog Writers

Grammar and spelling is probably the top of anyone’s list in this department, but ironically, because grammar and spelling are the most common errors–they are also the most commonly searched for error. This article deals with the errors that blog posters commit and often miss. The Silly Similar Word Most

Case Study: Should a Designer be a Good Writer?

A designer isn’t by far that person that creates layouts, codes these and uploads the files as it was few years ago. Nowadays, his job is very complex and it requires many hours of intensive work and a very solid background. The programming solutions evolved and he, the designer, must

Tips For Launching a Successful Freelance Copywriting Career

Freelancing career’s success is measured by repeated clientele. There are four building blocks to a successful freelancing career which include reliability, credibility, self-confidence and responsiveness. As a freelancer, always know your market to sell your USP effectively. Freelancing gives you the freedom to work at your convenience, anytime of the

6 Ways For A Writer To Make Money

Writing is a wonderful medium of expression. Sharing your thoughts and ideas with others not only refines one’s writing skills but also pays well. Making money from selling ideas is one of the aspects of writing that is attracting professionals and amateurs to write. With the advent of online media,

10 Ways A Designer Can Make some Extra Money

Being a Full-Time designer can be tough at times, you get times where clients just don’t have the money to pay you right away or you go through a patch where you don’t have enough client work to keep your bills paid and may even have to rely on credit