The Best Tools and Resources Available for Web Professionals

Are you on the lookout for the best tools and resources to help you with your work as a web professional? Then you’re in luck because it just so happens that we’ve created a list of the best ones available online right now. And here it is.



Nowadays, almost all small firms and big corporations need templates for newsletter emails or transactional emails in order to format their messages. This means there are hundreds of potential clients out there who are looking for high quality, responsive designs. For independent designers, it can be difficult to sell their work. This is where Stamplia comes in. This is the ideal marketplace where buyers can browse the work of thousands of freelancers from all around the world. Stamplia offers templates for newsletters and emails from over 6000 contributors. Each design is reviewed by a dedicated team before being put on sale. This means that a template must meet the demands of the market, pass the Spam Test, it must display properly in several browsers and the price must be justified. You too can become a Stamplia contributor if you’re passionate about design and are an HTML expert. If you want to stop wasting time looking for clients and start focusing on your work, head over to Stamplia to see how easy that can be.



There’s great news for everyone involved with creative work, be they creators or clients. Now they can collaborate easier, quicker and more efficiently thanks to the awesome Notism platform. It enables sharing, presenting and reviewing projects in an easy, quick and efficient manner. Features such as notes that can be filtered by categories and sketches added right on uploaded content, a solid task management system and set-up of activity status for each screen in a project (from “in progress” and “for review” to “approved”) ensure good communication and collaboration between team members, professionals and clients. Notism is also an efficient tracking method of the project’s developments. Different versions of a screen can be created and users can easily alternate them for a better understanding of the developments taking place within the project. On top of this, users can create working prototypes of their static design templates by setting up hotspots and linking screens, which will result in a perfect environment for testing click-through-s or happy paths. Whatever the case, Notism will always keep your ideas safe by daily backing up your data in multiple locations.

Fire Checkout


Fire Checkout won’t just improve your store’s conversion rates, it will also provide your users with a memorable checkout experience that will keep them coming back. Fire Checkout is completely responsive and fully AJAX based. This means that it will look great on all devices and run smoothly, without the need for frequent reloads. Fire Checkout will provide you with an improved, elegant checkout layout that you can customize as you see fit.

You can add up to 5 custom fields, add details blocks from the backend and vary the sort order of address fields. You will also get an improved checkout success page that will further improve user experience. Fire Checkout also comes with full support for all payment and shipping methods including Google Checkout, PayPal, ePay, FedEx, UPS and more. Get Fire Checkout for your business right now and reap the benefits straight away.

Pintastic – Pinboard Social network script


If you’ve been looking for a Pinterest clone script that is 100% responsive and SEO friendly, we have exactly what you need. Pintastic is not only a virtual pinboard script, but also a open marketplace script that will make things run smoother than ever and make your website easy to monetize. Your visitors won’t have to wait too long for their search results. The new faster smart search tool will display more accurate results in the blink of an eye. Worrying about search engines? Pintastic has got you covered here as well! The team of professionals have implemented meta tags optimization options for the content on your site. This means your content will enjoy optimal indexing and maximum organic traffic search.

What else does Pintastic excel at? The cool banner display manager will help you publish ads in no time, so you can monetize your board starting from day one. And if you’ve been toying with the idea of an auction platform or marketplace, you only have to try out the auction website builder or the marketplace script, which will take care of everything for you.

  • IconBeast


    IconBeast will change the way you think about icons and symbols. Their wide collection of pixel perfect items will improve any project in no time. They offer more than 3000 iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons and 500 free iOS Tab Bar Icons. Since they are designed and engineered in grid, you can rest assured each and every one of them is pixel perfect. They are available in PNG (3 sizes), Vector AI, Vector EPS, SVG, and PSD. IconBeast Pro costs 75$ and is an icon and symbol collection that is continuously expanding.

    With over 3000 items, all the files are in vector (AI, EPS10, and individual SVG) and are saved separately in individual PNG transparency files. The icons and symbols are available in blue, gray and black and they are also Retina Display ready. The free version is IconBeast Lite. This is a strip-down version of IconBeast Pro and it includes 500 items that are free to download and ready to use in any project.

    Getsy – Multi Vendor Marketplace Script


    Ready to meet the revolutionary marketplace solution that will set you free? Getsy 2.0 allows you to start your own marketplace website within a day. This social eCommerce solution enables you to create a social website where all users can follow each other, create their very own stores, buy and sell their products, comment and rate sellers and buyers. Getsy is very different from most scripts currently on the market. It’s reliable, fast and won’t fail to cater to all your needs. Tests have shown that Getsy-powered websites can handle over 1,000,000 users “likes” and purchases per hour.

    Ready to make all your dreams come true? This platform boasts many cool new features that will attract customers and help you keep them satisfied. The responsive design makes sure everything looks neat and tidy both on the small screen of a phone and on the laptop. What is more, thanks to the improved security and scalability on Getsy 2.0, your website is now safer to use both for users and admins.

    Argento Template


    The Argento theme for Magento-based websites is the perfect choice for making your website truly memorable. Based on CSS sprite techniques, it has been optimized for speed and will run just as well on PCs and mobile devices. You also get full creative control over the look and feel of your website. Argento allows you to add widgets that help you change the look of the navigation menu or add product blocks, set the label or design your own banners.

    What’s more, you can even create custom themes and subthemes without a single modification to the core theme files. Argento will help you get a high SEO ranking for your website and the advanced Magento search will give your users suggestions right out of the box. Don’t hesitate and choose Argento to improve your eCommerce website.



    actiTIME is a web-based timesheet software which can be put to a great variety of uses that will result in a more effective workflow. With actiTIME you can track time you spent working on different tasks, set task deadlines and estimates, monitor your employees’ activities and gather the necessary information to assess their performance, as well as analyze costs and review time and billing data in a number of custom reports. What’s more, actiTIME will lift some stress off your shoulders as it will deliver automated notifications about unfilled timesheets, deadlines and worked out task estimates.

    Rest assured, there is no learning curve to this awesome application – you can download actiTIME or sign up for its online version and start using it right away. In fact, you can also use it when you’re on the go thanks to the mobile time tracking app which will automatically sync entered data with your corporate sheet. The good news doesn’t end here, though: there is an absolutely free version for small teams up to 5 users. 9000 companies in 74 countries are already using it and reaping the benefits.



    actiPLANS is an awesome leave time management tool for both managers and employees that will help you say goodbye to the hassle of sending emails back and forth to request and approve leave time. The ingenious actiPLANS charts allow employees to choose their own leave time by simply clicking and dragging along the desired time period on the chart. The users can see how much paid time off is available before and after the requested time, and in order to prevent the possibility of time off overlapping, users can check their colleagues’ schedule.

    Team managers can approve, reject or delete requests in bulk in one click or leave a personal comment for the request, which will undoubtedly improve communication within the company. Another great feature offered by actiPLANS is the personal leave time history interface; it shows data in the convenient form of a calendar where the users can check when they last took time off and, even more importantly, when to take the next period so as to adhere to the company policy. All information about employees’ requests and approved leaves is shown in the chart. It provides managers with a clear view of available resources.

    There’s even more good news – actiPLANS offers a free version so you can start using it right now.



    Gone are the days when prototyping a new design for websites or applications had to be a complicated and time-consuming process. We now have PowerMockup, an innovative add-on that turns Microsoft PowerPoint into a wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile and desktop apps. It works by adding a library pane at the right side of the PowerPoint window, which contains hundreds of awesome shapes for UI controls and icons. The next step is easy and fun – users have to click the shape they want to use and then drag and place it on the PowerPoint slide. Additionally, you can add your own custom item to the shape library by simply selecting a PowerPoint shape, clicking “add shape” and you’re good to go.

    Collaborations with other users are also possible with PowerMockup, as you can import and export shape categories (from common bitmap images over vector graphics such as EMF, WMF, EPS to video files and PDF documents) and share your creations with others. As PowerPoint is part of Microsoft’s office pack, PowerMockup will also give you the possibility of embedding PowerPoint slides into a Word specification document while keeping them fully editable. PowerMockup has already convinced companies such as Microsoft, Samsung and Intel so we’re sure you too will find that it is definitely worth giving a shot.

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