The Essentials for Creating a Lucrative Online Gaming and Casino Website

The success of online gaming sites is tightly linked to website design. With more users engaging with these types of sites in recent years, there’s much money to be made for businesses looking to make their mark on the online casino industry. If you’re considering starting your own online gaming site, be sure to include these design aspects within your mockup to ensure the best chance of success.

Elements of web design will result in impacted player conversion rates, so it’s important to take your time to determine the best design strategies for your online gaming site before making the fateful launch.

Make it Responsive

A responsive design can be a make or break factor in website design for all types of industries. Mobile betting sees huge revenue earnings for the online casino industry, and the worldwide movement towards mobile internet usage means it should be a priority when it comes to site design. Instead of optimizing your site for a specific device, responsive website design allows users to have a uniform experience no matter what device they use to access your site, whether it be a tablet, phone, or computer screen.

The content can adapt depending on the device in question, allowing for an improved and streamlined user experience. If you want your site to load quickly, you’ll likely want to steer clear of Flash as it can significantly impact speed. If you need an example of a great responsive website, check out Bonobos on a variety of devices. Their simple navigation and convenience of use make them a great site to emulate.

The Minimalist Appeal

Use space to your advantage. Create a website that doesn’t overwhelm and inundate consumers with information and flashy graphics. Not only will this imagery assault the visual sense, but it will also slow down your loading time, which could affect a user’s overall gaming experience. We’re a society of impatient consumers; study after study has shown that a customer will wait no longer than a few seconds for a page to load before closing out of their browser and finding their wanted wares elsewhere. Online gamers have stated that loading time is of key importance to their casino experience, so it’s important to make sure your site can load quickly and efficiently. When determining how to make a minimalist design work for your site, look at the numerous examples of companies in other industries that have already forged the way.

The right negative space can improve readability and sales, and require minimal effort (pardon the pun), so it’s definitely an important aspect of design to focus on. Consider online budgeting site They’ve used white space to compel a reader to move down the home page to discover more content without becoming overwhelmed at first sight. While there’s a space for copy, it should be on informational pages that are not your homepage. Use minimal text with strategic spacing on your homepage, and provide links to funnel users through your site to find the more in-depth content they might be in pursuit of, whether it be informational guides, like 888casino’s Ultimate Guide to Roulette, or written content from casino industry experts that gamers may be interested in.

Highlight Your Site’s Security Features

Online gamers are hugely concerned with security, and it’s no wonder—they’ll be inputting their personal and credit card information, and you’ll want your site to indicate the security features you’ve put in place to convince them to play your games over those of a competitor. As many online gamers will have this aspect of this industry at top of mind when they first visit a site, it’s important to present it front and center on your homepage and provide the details about the ways you seek to protect your online users.

What will make your site stand out in front of the other online gaming competitors? Website design is important for every industry, and the casino business is no different. Consider these design aspects as you begin your site build and create a website that gamers will flock to, and most importantly, return to time and time again.

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