The Evolution Of Cellphones As Marketing Devices

A lot of Marketing has been hinged off the latest communication trends. The ability to share information is at the centerpiece of marketing as a profession. Even in the earliest times there proved to be uses of those primitive communication devices for marketing. Smoke signals were used to inform people of events. Events whose success was based on the number of people who attended. Therefore, the smoke was used to market the event to the greater public. Although clearly marketing strategies were still in their infancy.

With technological developments came new and exciting ways to reach people. Among all these ways the telephone provided a unique feature. That personal touch. Now marketers could talk directly with a possible consumer. Phones have become more mobile and intimate allowing for the evolution of cell phones as marketing devices. Not only the phone industry keeps up with technology, also online gambling has become so advance, for more information visit and find out more about online gambling.

Cellphones have grown from being mere communication devices to being the top marketing devices. Below are three ways that cellphones have become the marketing devices of choice.

Three Top Features Making Cellphones the ultimate Marketing Devices

  1. The ability to record user preferences. An increase in the capabilities of the phones has also led to them being targeted by marketers. Now, most smartphones record and store data on the preferences of the user. Even though this leads to great usability it also gives marketers essential data on what the population wants.
  2. Individualism. This simply means easier targeting. Because each phone represents a unique individual it is possible to sell even the oddest of things because there is direct contact with the person who wants it. Based on information gathered from a person’s online activities.
  3. Mobility. Although last on the list this may be the greatest selling point. Cellphones also known as mobile phones allow the user to use the device on the go. This means that at any time the marketing message can get to the intended recipient. Thus, the user can also take immediate action in response to the Ad. Especially for industries like online gambling at where the entire transaction can occur on the mobile smart device.

Featured image by Charlz