The Functionality of Reading Ebooks on Mobile Devices

Looking back at the old days where hard cover books swamped the house, leaving no space for movement. Books gathered dust as they were more of a pain to hold and read than ever before. That was until Ebooks launched, this simplified reading and life by a mile. Things got even better once a book store opened through Amazon and after the release of their Kindle platform. The great thing about kindle is that not only is it available as a platform to purchase, but as a application on the iPhone and Smartphones as well. This is how Ebooks simplified my life.

I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone and then decided to download a free sample (you get free samples of most books) to see if it is even possible to read a chapter on such a small device. I downloaded a sample of Dan Browns The lost symbol and proceeded to read the first chapter. It went much better than I expected and I downloaded the whole book, to see if it is possible to get through a book this size.

I was pretty amazed at the outcome. Not only did I end up reading the Ebook faster than I would a traditional book, I found it to be more comfortable to hold, softer on the eyes and the fact that the book was always with me, priceless.

To finish off this story, I was in a book store last week and I bought Gordon Ramsay’s Book Playing with Fire (don’t you judge me). Got home, and after reading one chapter, I gave the book to my wife, downloaded the Ebook from my Kindle app on my iPhone, and carried on reading.

Why Ebooks work for me:

1. Ease of book shopping

Imagine living in a place called Steynsburg, on a farm (the middle of nowhere). Let say one evening after watching a short documentary on Henry Ford, you decide that you would like to read his autobiography. A couple of years ago you would have written it down, gone into town the next day. Ordered the book from a shop that will then source it in from the nearest city with a decent bookstore (300 km away). If you are lucky, 2 weeks later you will receive your book. You would obviously have to drive in to town again to collect it.

I love the fact that I could be in bed at 11pm at night, feel like reading a new book, go onto the “Amazon, Kindle” bookshop, choose from thousands of books, and then download immediately. If someone mentioned Jim CollinsGood to Great” Best seller in a podcast that I was just listening to, I can literally start reading that book 1 minute later. Amazing.

2. Ease of using a Small Ebook device

I use my iPhone as my Ebook device. If you are using a Smartphone sized device, it is just so easy to hold. You only need one hand, you flick through pages with your thumb on the same hand, its just easy. The second point that makes my life better when it comes to reading on a small screen device is that I actually read faster than I would in a normal book. Reading is a series of jumping snapshots that are called “saccades,” when we read from left to right on a page, we take several snapshots, and then have to find our way to the row below. When you are reading lines with only 3-5 words in it, your snapshots start moving from top to bottom, and not left to right, which I find is a lot faster way of reading.

3. Always have readable light

iOS devices and Smartphones screens are back-lit. This alone is enough reason to move over to Ebooks. You don’t need a reading light. This is especially great when your spouse is already sleeping, and you want to finish your book. You can sit in the pitch black dark, and still read perfectly, actually the darker it gets, the better you see. The print is also always constant, and the screen is flat, unlike traditional books that are sometime awkward to hold when you are in the beginning or the end of the book.

4. Environmentally friendly

If you are a green supporter, you will love Ebooks because no trees had to die so you can read the book.

5. It is always with you

This is one of the biggest attractions. Big time travelers and serial vagabonders like Rolf Potts use the kindle mobile app to substitute books on their travels. It is always with you, so if you end up having to spend more time waiting at the bank or at the dentist then you anticipated, you can pull out your device and read a chapter or two.

Let’s Recap

In the same way that printed bound books replaced scrolls, it is my opinion that Ebooks will replace traditional books some time in the future. Ebooks on mobile devices does make life that one step better. Not only do you have the worlds largest electronic book store at your finger tips, you also carry all your books in your pocket the entire time. In the same way that the iPod Placed 10 000 songs in your pocket, Ebook apps allows you to carry a library with you.

Give the Kindle app a won’t be disappointed.

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