The Power of Black in Web Design + Infographic

Speaking about the color black in web design it’s impossible not to mention its dual nature. There is an opinion that black is not a color but the absence of it, however, though black is sometimes considered “achromatic”, in practice, it can be called a color.

Associations related to black also differ from culture to culture. The color can mean Rebirth in Egypt and simultaneously Evil in Tibet. But still there are several associations common for users around the Globe. Black is a traditional color automatically related to high quality, reliability, luxury and elegance. That’s why it is highly recommended for websites offering expensive products to the customers. To be more specific, black is really effective for online businesses related to Photography, Jewelry, Music, Lingerie, Web Design, Cars, etc. And of course, it’s one of the best choices for portfolio websites.

Depending on the color scheme used black websites can look mysterious, conservative, creative, seductive etc. Designers know that black matches any color, and any color will stand out on the black background. This applies especially to green, chartreuse, gold, and silver. But be careful when using black with very dark colors as if the colors are too similar, visibility drops as the colors bleed into each other.

Following some simple guidelines, you can make your black website perfectly readable and user-friendly:

  • More white space will keep your site from being cluttered
  • Properly adjust paragraph size, kern and lead
  • Make use of large fonts
  • There should be spatial contrast between the darkness of the background and the lightness of the text
  • Remember that sans-serif font is more legible
  • The less colors, the better, one or two are perfect
  • It’s a great solution to provide a style switcher, give the user an option to view dark text on a light background
  • Make sure that each element on your website is absolutely necessary as black backgrounds are perfect for websites with very little content
  • Use lighting effects and bright colors for impressive web presentation

If you are intrigued and enchanted by black we strongly recommend that you see a comic style animated infographic featured below. This is how you will learn a lot of secrets of the color black and see how it’s used in web design.

By the way, the infographic about Mysterious Black in Web Design has been released just before Halloween and we’d like to take this chance to wish you a Happy Halloween and inspired black designs!

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